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Wrobot does not sell items

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10 hours ago, eeny said:

 Selling = False ; SellGray = True ; SellWhite = False ; SellGreen = False ; SellBlue = False ; SellPurple = False ; 

Enable selling...

I have these settings enabled



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I use this profile: [PAID] Micam's Vanilla 1-60 Alliance Grinder 1.0.2.

But i reset all settings and use "Automation" options and bot no go to sell items and  repaire.

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are you in darkshore and with some claims in your bags ?

i noticed that sometimes when using plugin "Fisherman's Friend" to open claims, it make wrobot bug and dont go to town to sell / repair

if it's the case, just open all your claims in bags, and close / relaunch wrobot

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