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Fight Class - Check if Target is Humanoid

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Hi, I didn't see anything in the Creator Spell Conditions if there is a way to check if my target is humanoid? I would like to be able to cast Hamstring if so.

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I have an idea using Lua Script, but not sure exactly what return value research and return value var are, and how to appropriately use them.


myTarget = UnitCreatureType("target")
If myTarget == "Humanoid"
     return true
     return false


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Compilator Error:


CS0234: The type or namespace name 'Target' does not exist in the namespace 'wManager.Wow.ObjectManager' (are you missing an assembly reference?)


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10 hours ago, Zan said:

That's interesting. I've been using that for pickpocketing on my Rogue on Live. 

Target is just the GUID if i'm not wrong and TargetObject will be the WoWUnitObject.

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