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Resurrecting bugged? (elysium)

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The bot is trying to resurrect my character on max range on Elysium which seems to be bugged, meaning when I try to click to button manually its not working, but when I move an inch closer and then try it works. Problem is the bot is unable to detect this and sometimes tries to resurrect for a very long period of time. Any suggestions how this could be fixed?

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Heres updated logfile, also after the update my bot seems to not seek for targets (only waits till it facepulls something), also pet attack seems to be bugged.

Current profile and flight class also included below.

10 syys 2017 13H06.log.html

warlock masa-Edited.xml

18-22 redridge.xml

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I guess you can make a simple plugin for that, something like "If i'm a ghost, and i'm not moving, push forward for 2 seconds" Or something more complicated with events, reading pop up window or corpse range. Or just move closer to the corpse coordinates. Something like that.

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