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HEllo all, please help ,   wrobot restarting every 1-2 min 
Connection error, close bot, you have probably launched 2 times bot with same license key, please contact WRobot team if it is not the case

i have 1 computer and have 2 reloggers . If i start 1 relogger - normal work , but if i start 2 relogger on this computer ,have this error ,
wrobot have 1 ip    , wow have different ip-s proxycap......this is big problem to me.....need to start 2 reloggers on 1 computer///

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Well- what Key do you have?

If you have a One session key thats behaving as expected

If you have a multi session key this is unexpected and will need to be sorted out with droidz

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ohhh/....8 euro for 1 month for 10 session/........have 90 sessions , if i buy it,  i lose many% of my bussines money cache........it is private servers.....no oficcial.....private servers = low money....we lose me.......80 euro in month very high price for private servers.....or create subscription for 100 keys for good price...

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