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  1. kuckla

    Grinder profiles

    I recently started playing wow again and Grinder still dont work for me. I reinstalled everything basically WoW WRobot and my Windows in this time. I mentioned that i not only cant create new ones but also not open downloaded ones! I get no coordinates at all while trying to create a profile or open one. On the other side all this works flawlessly with gatherer i can creat profiles and the coordinates get saved as they should. No idea what to do at this point.
  2. kuckla

    Grinder profiles

    no idea if i did this right or not. Started bot selected grinder selected to make a new profile checked to record path would walk a bit around stopped and yhea this is the log 29 Jul 2018 14H59.log.html
  3. kuckla

    Grinder profiles

    For some reason i cant creat profiles for grinder anymore, whenever i try to walk a path for it and get the coordinates, it wont write down any coordinates. Tried to reinstall the bot but still not working.Im using the 3.3.5a Version of the bot and for some Reason the Gatherer Profile creation is working just fine for me.
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