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  1. My apologies. Basically, I'm looking for a FC that can follow me around, throwing heals and buffs as needed, whilst I level my warrior through quests and dungeons.
  2. Hey fella! Is there any chance this FC can be used for a Druid pocket healer for leveling and instances?
  3. Just wondering if anyone can help me regarding this Plugin and/or the Shaman fight class (I have no idea where the issue lays). Everything works great expect for when the Shaman attempts to heal. It begins to cast, but is constantly interrupted by the Shaman consistently taking a small step forwards every time it tries to cast, whilst switching back and forth between the Party target and the mob. I've tried to open the code in Visual Studio, but I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at >.<
  4. Might be a silly question, but I'm looking for a Priest party healer profile to follow my warrior as I level... Would this act as one? (I've tried to have a look at your Resto Shaman party healer profile, but I have no idea what I'm looking at when I open it up in Visual Studio 😕 Life of a coding scrub)
  5. Hey! Love the FC. Runs extremely smoothly! Just wondering if this might be an idea worth implementing... Is there any possible way of making the FC use Piercing Howl on low HP? I figured if you added an option to set the Piercing Howl hp% to the same hp% as when you run away from two mobs in your HumanMasterPlugin, it could maybe save a lot of dying!
  6. Thank god other people are having the same problem, I was worried it was something my end! Absolute carbon copy happening here too. Tried all the obvious fixes; restarting PC, updating wRobot, deleting everything and re-installing, re-downloading off website (which also seems to be acting odd? Occasionally getting page timed out). If I try to open wRobot, 9/10 it will stop responding and require you to end task in Task Manager. Takes a very very long time to boot up. If I manage to boot it up, the 'Play' button to start the bot is just like a dead link and does nothing, error message stating along the lines of 'Something wrong with Wrobot sever / Firewall settings'. Hopefully this is a simple fix!
  7. Sorry to be a pain, and forgive me total amateurishness at this, but how do I do this?
  8. Is this usable on Wotlk 3.3.5a client?
  9. GJ31


    Amazing plugin, but unfortunately (and its very unfortunate), it appears to clash badly with the MoveDuringCombat plugin (which is essential). It appears the problem arises when it was running back to town to sell items / repair and it encounters a mob. Once its finished killing the mob, it wanders off path but a few feet either side, causing it to get stuck and run into trees / fences / walls etc. Additionally, I've noticed sometimes after dying (maybe this has something to do with the Runaway from Combat feature of HMP), that when you are a ghost, it randomly runs off in the opposite direction to the corpse, indefinitely. Such an amazing plugin though, but I've had to opt for MoveDuringCombat over this, especially as a Meele class.
  10. In my chat window in the on the Game client, I'm also getting this message: [string "MISdnLD.lua"]:1: attempt to index global 'TaxiButton3' (a nil value) Thanks for the help! 10 Jun 2017 12H23.log.html
  11. For some reason, when running my questing profile, it is refusing to use Flightmaster. For example, I'm in Rachet and it needs to pick up a quest in Orgrimmar, but rather than use Taxi, it begins to run there instead. The flight paths are discovered, but just doesn't want to use them? Any ideas?
  12. GJ31

    TBC Train Level

    Do you have to leave the 'Train New Spells' option checked for this to work?
  13. GJ31

    Me Human

    Does this work for TBC 2.4.3 by any chance?
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