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  1. Can i get some help with my fightclass? Contact me please, I've sent you a mail aswell
  2. Nice name! Did you upload it yet? Can't find it ^^
  3. Great man! Thank you, and grats to your daughter :)
  4. I´ve been there 5 times completing it. Maybe its the expansion then, i play 2.4.3 :/ Well, still farms the right mobs, i just cant afk it :)
  5. hmm, I've just tested it and its still the same, stand stills by the quest giver talks with him once and then do nothing :/
  6. Sweet dude! Can you give me a link? Can't find it...
  7. Did you guys get this Zaxxis profile to work?? :)
  8. Hey, Im playing holy paladin too, could you please share and let me know how to get his to work? Would rly love it :D
  9. Try this instead [Bjorla Wotlk] Demonology Warlock (Fel Guard req level 68) 2.xml
  10. Would you like to share that profile? :)
  11. What spec do you recommend? Never played DK before
  12. Version 3.5.5


    Hello! This is my first fightclass ever so it may not be flawless. Couldent find any working fightclass out there so i made my own. If you have any suggestions on how to make it better please pm me. Included in fightclass: Fel Armor Soul Link Health Funnel (If pet is below 80% HP and my HP is 50%+) Metamorphosis (Demonology required) Drain Soul (If target is below 40% and i have less than 2 shards in bag) *!!Seems bugged right now!!* Demonic Empowerment (Demonology required) Shadow Cleave (Metamorphosis required) Curse of Agony Corruption Immolate Drain Life (If my HP is below 80%) Tap Life (If my Mana is below 40% and HP bigger than 55%) Incinerate Shadow Bolt
  13. Hello. I made myself one. Its my first fightclass tho so its not flawless but works for leveling. Requiers Fel Guard tho. Tested for level 66-69. Test it and say what you think. [Bjorla Wotlk] Demonology Warlock (Fel Guard req level 68).xml
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