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  1. Destroy Items

    A simple plugin to destroy items from your bags using a collection that you specify as well as a quantity of that item to keep.

    C O N T R O L S
    + => Add a new item row.
    - => Remove selected row(s).
    Delete Timer (sec) => The count-down timer will start and reset while not in combat. Once the timer reaches 0, it will scan you bags for items.
    Delay Time (MS) => Adjusting this value will wait the desired (millisecond) delay between each deletion. Adjust higher if you are ejected from the server.
    Export => Save your collection to the \Plugins\ directory.
    Donate (If you like the product, please consider a small donation.)


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  2. [WotLK] Apexx Discipline Priest

    A Discipline priest healing "fight class" for WotLK 3.3.5 game version. 
    Use WRotation or HealBot Products for this fight class.
    Donate (If you like the product, please consider a small donation.)
    Started 8/10/2021
    Disclaimer: This if my second attempt scripting a healing class. 
    This fight class is not yet finished. It is work in progress with limited testing.
    T A L E N T S Updated  8/24/2021
    G L Y P H S
    Major => Glyph of Power Word: Shield // Glyph of Penance // Glyph of Flash Heal
    Minor => Glyph of Shadowfiend // Glyph of Fortitude // Glyph of Levitate
    S P E L L S
    (Green = Tested and working / Red = Not yet implemented / Orange - May need more testing)
    K N O W N  I S S U E S
    May try to heal local players that have disconnected and the character is still seen in game. May try to heal local players who are dueling. Will not heal pets at this time. (possible future update) Will not heal while mounted on siege vehicles (yet). F E E D B A C K
    I would like feedback if you any. I worked from a few guides online, and tried to match the behavior.
    If there is any problems, or changes that you would like to see, please send me a message, and I
    will see what I can do. Thanks!

    Virus Total


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  3. PauseSafely Plugin

    *** Plugin may require English client ***
    I have seen a few forum posts looking to enhance the bot safety and added features like being able to use a skill when the user pauses the bot. This plugin uses the robotManager.FiniteStateMachine.State API in order to perform a skill before the actual pause is initiated.
    Be sure to type the name of the spell in the Settings window exactly as you see it in game. I have tested this some, but it may require some tweaking.
    If you pause the bot manually during combat and the settings to allow the spell to be used in combat is set to false, it will catch the input, wait until the fight is over, and then use the spell. If you set the use spell during combat to true (ie: Vanish), and manually pause the bot, it will cast the ability before pausing the bot. Another great feature is if you have the bot's advance settings to pause the bot when a player is within the default search radius of 1000, it will pause the bot, again changing the bot state and activating this plugin. Needs more testing! The servers I have tried this on were not very populated and it was tough to check if players were nearby.


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