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About This File


More info: here

Change Log:  here

We support all Windows versions from Win Vista to Win 10.

Install notes:


- Download and Unzip (extract) "WRobot.zip" on your computer.
- Launch program "Updater" (in "WRobot" folder).
- Select version in "Product".
- Click the button "Install/Update" to install or update WRobot.
- When the update or install is finished, you can close this program and launch WRobot.exe from the installed directory.

Required programs on your computer for running WRobot:
- Download and Install: Framework (minimum 4.5), Redistributable Visual C + + 2010 (X86) and  DirectX (or SlimDX (4.0 X86) if WRobot don't works).

WRobot don't works? go here to repair it.

Don't forget to select your WRobot version in "Update" window.

You can download old version here.

What's New in Version 07/16/18 02:58 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

User Feedback

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Got today, Used for about 8 hours so far tested a little of everything, Few bugs but not rly many , Feeling pretty safe with this product n and enjoy it so far , Great community Thank for making it!:wub:

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49 minutes ago, Droidz said:

Hello, only on WRobot for private server, not trial version for WRobot for official wow server.

Can you give a trial KEY? Even for an hour, I'm not sure whether to use

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23 minutes ago, Crysix said:

Hey, i play on private server, but how to get the TRIAL key?


  1. Launch Wow in 32 bit.
  2. Launch "\WRobot\WRobot.exe".
  3. Click on button "Launch Bot".
  4. An window appear, if textbox is empty, you need to put text "TRIAL".
  5. Click on "Login" bouton.
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12 hours ago, chrisschulze said:

for some reason ime not allowed to download profiles do I need to buy something with the email ime logged in as I have a lifetime code alrdy?


Hello, you need active WRobot subscription to download WRobot files (profiles and figthclasses).

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14 hours ago, Enderstep said:

Doesn't this needs to be updated ? I cannot use it for my Legion Private Server. Or is it me ?

WRobot for Legion currently supports only Wow version of retail server.

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