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Compilator Issue

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Hello Devs I have a fun fix for you all as of most recent patch getting the following issue...

I've reinstalled and set-up twice thus far. Hoping this will be sufficient enough for fix. 


Capture 2.PNG

3 Dec 2018 11H59.log.html

3 Dec 2018 12H08.log.html

3 Dec 2018 12H27.log.html

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If you have already run WRobot, you can try to remove folde "WRobot\Data\Meshes\


Either the update has broken something, or the scripts you are trying to use are now out of date because of update. I don't think Downloads section has been updated yet- you could try to download fresh, and ignore the update until more information is posted from devs if nothing above works.

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10 minutes ago, Mykoplazma said:

Some methods and other things are new or defined in other way and if somebody write a plugin or rotation in the 'hackish' way it will not work now ? ( at least it looks like that for me )

Has nothing to do with a "hackish" way. Compiled binaries expect a certain method signature. If you let wRobot compile a .cs file, a method like public static void doSomething() and public static void doSomething(int test = 1) are no different because wRobot compiles at runtime with the currently available binaries and therefore just "chooses" the appropriate method. With precompiled binaries, this is obviously different and they expect a different method signature.

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You have to update (download through the original links) all the paid products you're using and for free products (potentially) wait for someone to update them. It's also possible that the author of your paid files hasn't updated yet.

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