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Wrobot and Felmyst (Gummy's TBC)

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15 hours ago, lythraceae said:

doesnt change my point.


bot gets banned after longer grinding sessions.

Use last version, old WRobot versions are detected on some servers

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their EU GM "correct" wakes up at 7am and checks every lvler without you being reported, because the server is so small and gummy attracts THE most autistic GMs by far, and the TBC client is probably the worst for looking natural while botting because it forces CTM and doesnt calculate paths as well, so far ive had 5 accounts banned before getting past lvl20, the last 2 got caught within 10minutes of eachother, despite being in different zones + different IP and having definitely not been reported (bot had never engaged near another player), he doesnt teleport you either, just insta perma ban after seeing you for 5minutes. I've never been banned once on any other server and i've botted on many.

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7 hours ago, Marshalek said:

My concern is automated, software-based detection - can this be in place? Using WRobot 2.0.1 (34770) for wow 2.4.3 (~8606)

It's unlikely Gummy found a detection vector that nobody else has. Droidz checks Warden scans too.
If detection was automatic, you'd get banned either instantly or in periods of 5 minutes when certain scans are executed.

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