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  1. FNV316 1-45 Quester Profile Pack Alliance Vanilla

    EDIT DROIDZ: FNV316 has been inactive for several months, despite all attempts to contact him we have no news, users who have paid no longer have access to it because autantification server is offline. So I decided to share these profiles for free (files encrypted for the momen to be able to disable them if he comes back), if he doesn't come back in next months the source code of the files will be shared. (source files shared)
    FNV316 1-45 Quester Profile Pack Alliance Vanilla
    Note: This is a BETA version and still under development. Due to this and the extent of this project, it's still likely to contain bugs or even create new bugs, when releasing new updates. So if something isn't working as intended, just message me and tell me what's wrong. I try to provide a solution as soon as possible.
    You can find video footage of this profile pack below. A demo version has already been released a couple of months ago, which you can find here. The 45-60 part is currently work in progress and planned to be released in July / August. There will also be an overall overhaul of the 1-40 path in that time, to fit to all the new stuff added over time and make the profiles more efficient.
    It tries to simulate a natural way of questing, as a human would, changing zones frequently and coming back later. The general path the profile follows is close to how I myself have played my characters in Vanilla / TBC  / WotLk.
    This profile pack has been recorded and tested on Eylsium / Light's Hope!
    Authentication system:
    These profiles now use a custom authentication system, to provide more security for me and my users. It has unfortunately become necessary to add such a system, due to more and more cases recently of sharing or even trying to resell them.
    This system links your Rocketr Order ID (which you can find within your purchase / delivery email) to your current IP, preventing multiple users from using the very same Order ID. This ID has only to be entered when running the profile for the very first time on your current machine. After changing your IP while already running it before, you have to wait ~30 minutes before the system allows processing.
    Important: If this new system causes issues related to your setup, don't hesitate to contact me, explain me your point and we will find a solution.
    -A fight class that is able to deal with at least two enemies at once
    -Default range pull for any class besides Paladin
    -Update your characters gear / spells / skills frequently, especially if playing Warrior & Rogue
    -An advanced C# fight class for botting with Warrior, Rogue and Mage
    -Full 1-45 leveling by questing (with minor grinding parts) Note: Profiles above level 40 contain more and longer grinding parts, due to overall lack of quests. The majority of exp is nevertheless earned by questing
    -Night Elf start (1-11)
    -Dwarf / Gnome start (1-6)
    -Hunter pet quests
    -Warlock pets Imp / Voidwalker
    -Druid bear form quest - (alpha state)
    -Rogue poison quest (code by Matenia, all credit to him) - (alpha state)
    -Warrior Deffensive / Berserker Stance quest chains - (alpha state)
    -Full Stalvan quest chain, Raene's Cleansing (until you receive Dartol's Rod of Transformation )
    -Automated boats
    -Automated abandoning of quests (still some quests missing, but you shouldn't have to make room yourself)
    -Automatically equips and buys - if necessary - up to 4 default 6 slot bags
    -Scripted Hearthstone
    -Fully scripted taxi (you can use inbuilt taxi nevertheless, but it can cause issues)
    -Automated discovery of any necessary flight paths
    -Automated item blacklist
    -Automated purchase of white vendor items at lower levels

    -A huge amount of custom routes, whenever it's necessary
    -(two basic fight classes for Paladin & Priest, that I used for testing)

    What has not been implemented, but will be in the future:
    -Flexile Taxi & Boats*  Boats are flexile in the overhaul version, for flexile taxi check out my free plugin
    -Further loading time optimization

    What will maybe be implemented:
    -Other class quests (Rogue poison, Warrior stance) Implemented

    Approximate run time (1-40):  5 days /played

    Class performance (1-5):
        Best                              Used Fight Class:
        Warlock*        4,5          eeny's Demon Affliction FC (free)
        Paladin           4             Self written fight class FCE** (included) / Matenia's Retribution Paladin 1-60
        Hunter*          4             Ordush's Beast Mastery Hunter (paid) / eeny's Hunter 1-60 BETA (free)
        Priest             3,5           Self written fight class FCE** (included) / Matenia's Shadowpriest 1-60 (paid)
        Druid              3,5           Matenia's [PAID] Feral Druid 1-60 (paid)
        Rogue            2,5            Matenia's [BETA][Vanilla] Combat Rogue 1-60 (paid) 
        Mage              2             Matenia's Frost Mage FC (paid)
        Warrior          1,5           Lbniese Warrior - Wrobot Arms & Fury Fightclass (paid)
       *After they got their lvl 10 pet  **Fight Class Editor
    Alpha state: Not fully tested or only run a few times. Bugs and issues are likely to occur
    Beta state: Tested and worked on live server repeatedly . Lower chance to experience bugs / issues, but not tested within a larger audience / under any possible condition so far
    Recommended Plugins:
    -WhatsGoingOn (free) - status frame to see what the bot is doing right now
    -HumanMasterPlugin (paid) - many amazing and handy features, that overall improve wRobot
    -VanillaFlightMaster (free) - dedicated for Vanilla, more reliable taxi system
    -AutoPetFeed Hunter (free) - automatically feeds your Hunters pet
    Special thanks to @Matenia for testing, general advice and providing me a free copy of his Mage Fight Class!
    Thanks to @penumbra & @Greens420 for their frequent feedback and bug reporting!
    I am the sole creator and owner of these files and I am not associated with the wRobot company in any way.
    Preview Video Loch Modan 13-17
    It consists of ~3 hours of the first half of Loch Modan between the grinding parts of my free 1-18 profile. Taxi (take taxi, get taxi node) is fully scripted, so that the automated taxi won't cause any trouble.
    Total deaths: 5
    Used plugins: iEquip (automatically equips better items)
    Dustwallow Marsh preview ~37-38:
     2,5 hours of video material
    Total deaths: 13 (most of them due to drowning)
    Used plugins: None, besides WhatsGoingOn (status frame)


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  2. VanillaFlightMaster - Alliance

    Replaces the current, unreliable taxi system of wRobot with a dedicated system for Vanilla WoW. It also adds the functionality to automatically discover previously undiscovered taxi nodes.
    It is currently Alliance only, due to primary created with my quester profiles in mind. Don't ask me to create a version for Horde as well. I have plans for that, but without an appointment.
    -Take taxi, when detecting a long path
    -Discover undiscovered taxi nodes
    -Optional: Automatically updates the discovered / undiscovered taxi nodes of a character, when the taxi map is opened
    -Optional: Stop bot, if getting stuck repeatedly at the gate between Loch Modan and Searing Gorge
    How it works:
    The plugin checks your movement. If the distance to your destination is greater than 1000 yards (default), it searches the database for a shorter path. If there is a shorter path available, it will use taxi instead of walking and after that continue with whatever task it was doing previously. Else take taxi is skipped. The distance used is not the distance between two points, but rather the distance of the path the bot would walk otherwise
    Undiscovered taxi nodes get discovered automatically, when being in a certain range of the related NPC (50 yards default)
    All settings should be self-explaining. You can enable / disable taxi nodes within the plugins settings. Only set nodes to true, if you know for certain that your character has discovered them ingame!
    Important: The plugin creates and uses it's own database. That means that the plugin has to discover taxi nodes by itself or update it automatically, when the taxi map is opened. It also does not check, if the transition between two taxi nodes is possible. F.e. it will try to fly from Booty Bay to Eastern Pleaguelands, even if you haven't discovered any other taxi node in Eastern Kingdoms. So make sure the product you are running allows the use of this plugin. Props to you, if you really read that.
    Credit to @Matenia, who helped me a lot with the movement


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  3. AutoPetFeed Hunter

    This plugin is gonna feed your Hunters pet automatically the correct food, as long as you have some in your inventory. Therefor, it is usable with any kind of auto choose food plugin and allows for a much more AFK experience, when botting Hunter. It's not just selecting a valid food depending on your pet currents level, but your pets individually diet as well. This plugin will by default only feed food that is available for purchase by vendors. But you are free to add your own food (by ID), when activated.
    "Auto choose food": Main feature, automatically feeds your pet, depending on your pets diet.
    "Pause bot during feed": Will break pause and start fighting, if you or your pet are in combat.
    "Pause bot time": Pause time in ms.
    "Scan interval": Decide how often the plugin scans for your pets happiness.
    "Allowed to feed": Here you can decide which food is in general allowed to be fed to your pet. Will check your pets diet if "Auto choose food" is enabled. Will feed only and any food allowed here, when "Auto choose food" is disabled.
    "Use custom food": Uses food you added yourself. Can be run with "Auto choose food". Will prefer custom food over any other food. Don't forget to make sure your pet is able to eat the food you added here!
    "Custom Food": Add the ID of your custom food here.
    Contains all the different available food types: Bread, Conjured Bread, Cheese, Fish, Fruit, Fungus, Meat.      *Click here for full list*
    Supports all food from 1-80, although I haven't tested it on BC and WotLk so far.


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  4. AutoDismount

    Pretty simple plugin: Will dismount the player, when the range to the bots current destination is below the value set in the plugins settings.
    I use it in my quester profiles for bots that have access to mounts, so they don't mindlessly charge to a quest objective while being mounted, pull a dozen of mobs in the process, dismount when standing directly before the objective and just die to the group of mobs still following.
    Also works with Druids Travel Form.


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  5. [FREE] 1-18 Alliance Quest Profile: Elwynn & Westfall

    This is my free 1-18 Quest Profile. It will do most quests in Elwynn Forrest and Westfall, besides ~5 quests in total, that aren't very important.
    It uses grinding only as a back-up mechanic, if you didn't reach a certain level so far, but won't play a significant roll most of the time.
    As you can see in the title, this profile is a demo version of my Alliance 1-60 Quest Pack I plan to release in the upcoming weeks. That version won't be free though. You can find some video footage of it below.

    Important: Found a workaround for the route problem. Should now work without manually deactivating these steps every time. Step 139 is the trigger for 127, 132, 135.
                        Version 1.6.1 has not been fully tested. Please report if something doesn't work as intended.
    Please let me know your experiences, feel free to give feedback and report bugs that may occur!
    You can also contact me via Discord.
    Further information:
    - Your fight class should be able to deal with at least two enemies at once, depending on your chosen class
    -You should try to get the best possible gear in the auction house ("cheap" greens are fine) and learn new skills now and then. The bot itself will always auto pick the first item as quest reward
    -Class quests are not included
    -Add the following items to the vendoring-blacklist: Goretusk Liver, Flask of Oil {Obsolete with version 1.6 Credit to Matenia}
    (-Recommendations: Search radius 100, Max units near target 0/1, Blacklist zones where bot died enabled)
    Known Bugs:
    -The Peoples Militia is kinda broken in this version and I can't figure out why. The bot will just continue killing mobs, even after completing both objectives. So there is probably something wrong with the objective detection of this quest. Next steps of the quest chain work just fine. The only work around until now is to turn in this quest by hand and disabling the two belonging steps (111, 112) in the settings. (FIXED: Quest should now function as intended. Props to Matenia.)
    Update 26.09.2017: 1-40 is finished already and I'm running the second live run (on Elys) so far. There is some additional polishing and testing necessary. I also plan to add a part in Loch Modan to avoid grinding in general and make later quests easier. My goal is a profile that requires as less player input as possible. This will obviously take a huge amount of further time and care, so stay tuned.
    Update 05.01.2018: Preview Video Loch Modan 13-17.
    It consists of ~3 hours of the first half of Loch Modan between the grinding parts of my free 1-18 profile. Taxi (take taxi, get taxi node) is fully scripted, so that the automated taxi won't cause any trouble.
    Total deaths: 5
    Used plugins: iEquip (automatically equips better items)
    Update 16.01.2018:
    Later profile part Dustwallow Marsh ~37-38, 2,5 hours of video material.
    Total deaths: 13 (most of them due to drowning)
    Used plugins: None, besides WhatsGoingOn (status frame)


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