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  1. SOLVED! I dubble-checked I missed to install Visual C + + 2010 lol.
  2. Hi I get stuck on "server connection..." Been a while since I been botting so a bit rusty. Already done (Re)Install DirectX, Framework (minimum 4.5) (or Framework Repair Tool), SlimDX (4.0 X86), Redistributable Visual C + + 2010 (X86) Done them. 26 nov 2019 23H19.log.html
  3. how does this profile works with skinning? will there be alot of grinding beasts? and can it auto learn higher skill with skinning?
  4. Hi. how come he just used x1 judgment? atm its SoCR,judgment,SoR and then just auto attacks. I want it to keep doing more judgments, and not only auto attacks.
  5. my bot wont go to vendor to sell/repair/mail when bags are full? Been a while since Ive used wrobot. thoughts?
  6. Hello as the title says. Im looking for a warlock pvp fight class for warmane tbc server. Let me know if u know/have any! HIt me up in PM and ill pay for it. Take care
  7. Hi! I wonder if the way points are for flying or ground mount? Or maybe u need to be able to have flying to get there I guess? What about your other profile? (Free] [A/H] Netherstorm - Celestial Ridge - Nether Scales + Knothide Leather)? are they just flying way points or ground aswell? Since u dont need flying to be able to get to that place in Netherstorm.
  8. Yeah true. Ive alrady running more then 1 toon at the time, So it should be ok :P ty mate!
  9. Ok ok I see! Is this Partybotbase smt that is standard in Wrobot? is it the one named "Party" under the product tab? :) ? and do I need 1 licence key for each toon that I have in my party? :)
  10. Hi. Latley ive seen alot of ppl botting in a party, all from 2-5 ppl.just following eachother and attacking the same target etc. Can some1 please explain to me how I would setup this? Its there any specific plugin I need? or how does it work? Does it do the few Qs there is in my 1-70 profile? Thanks
  11. Hello! New to Wrobot, Im a long user of HB. Glad to be here! I have 1 fast question. I wonder if wrobot can gather both mining and herbs at the same time? Since u cant track both on the same time on wow tbc private servers. Or it might be possible anyway? :)
  12. I just started using this profile. Is it supposed to be so much grinding mobs? Im soon lvl 15. And there has been like 3 times he just starts grining mobs. ie: Grind westfall 14-17. I was hoping it would be more Qs done? Im playing tbc x5 XP
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