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    This is an awesome profile. I have used this quester for some months now, and if you are looking for actively updated quester, this is the shit. Some features; Auto-updates (Updated pretty much weekly, sometimes daily..) Awesome support in Discord, also if you submit any bugs or ideas for improvements, I am sure @FNV316 will look over it. Profile does most(if not all?) stances/shapeshift/voidwalker etc. Alot of small tweaks, like buying white gear on low lvl, replacing bags, changing food/mana %, training+buying mount Difficult quests are scripted very nicely, and I know @FNV316 is actively working on rescripting quests for improvement, even on low level areas. Comes together with great How-to instructions for installing all required plugins(all that is REQUIRED, is free.) Has a nice "reset" feature that is very easy to use incase it glitches somewhere on the way, because of various reasons. I have successfully ran characters to 40's without even touching the bot. ;Please do note, some do get stuck.. but alot of times because of wrobot, or because of private server dcing, or because my ISP crashes, or whatever. but sometimes also because of profile, just throw msg to fnv how and why in that case. Overall, I would say this together with HMP are the two most valuable compared to theyr prices 🙂 Thanks!
  1. Quickplaya is this you? 😄 Whats up with yelling in every discord channel possible, even ratting in serverforums, sending fake pics everywhere and accusing everyone of being responsible of u being banned, and then making new name? You are completely loco my friend. https://i.imgur.com/gCZy8TL.png
  2. I have noticed this too, what you can do is either; lower combat range skin/loot. or simply disable the combat skinning. On my hunter I am running only with combat looter, but it did work most of times with just lowering the combat skin range to like, 4-5 yards instead of 12.
  3. this shit fucking rocks! however my homeboy gets stuck in the tram sometimes, maybe would be good to add in profile to learn the IF FP as soon as possible and then avoid the tram. I also had to disable roboalert thingy for the tram, as he thinks he gets teleported when he enters. At one point my boy actually ran the tram, and some dude wrote when I arrived to other side "did u just walk the tram" and I had to yell at him that i ran because i fell off EDIT: actually I disabled HS2Town, maybe this was causing the issue. he kept hsing to goldshire, and using tram way more than he should 😛
  4. Thank you 🙂 also maybe make so when he goes to town do not use prowl. The latest build with prowl is very nice, but it looks very retarded when he walks inside stormwind in prowl 😄
  5. Heya chaps, my dudu does not send mails 😞 he does not leave shapeshift. Any possible workaround for this?
  6. Hi, I am unable to use fishbot in vanilla server. All it says is "Cannot found good position, ignore this fish school", 30 schools he just run past and does not fish. I have no addons running, and only plugin running is Fisherman's friend, but I tried disable it same issue.
  7. Yo friend! Sorry for slow response - I have been abit busy at work.. I managed to get the CR to correctly rest before pulling after ress by adding latency to 500+, and also putting food/water abit higher, I believe I might have had it just below the % you have when you ress with prior to this. However! The CR still does not revive pet until entering combat after ress, is this intended or should he revive pet when he resses?
    A plugin which bundles together a ton of features, which in my opinion should already be implemented into wrobot. Sadly this is not the case, so in the meantime, I strongly recommend this plugin for several reasons which I will post below; -Your bot will no longer be retarded and drown constantly when trying to do quests / when farming along shorelines. -Your bot will MOST of the times, not become mongoloid and fly around the world to find a vendor - if you still struggle with this in certain areas, just clean your NPC db and manually add the vendor you like. -Purchasing ammo / food will never be easier, especially when leaving a character leveling for longer durations, you do not want to go and stop him to change food everytime he change zone. Nor do you always have opportunity to babysit him when he is about to hit that 44-45 and get new lvl food. -Seems to do pulls alot better, and also has option to blacklist high lvl / packs of groups, this is the feature I like the most, as wrobot itself can be pretty stupid sometimes. And anyone who see you run into 8 mobs and die instantly 10 times in a row will know that you are botting. -Looting during combat does not only increase speed, it also looks more legit. I guess sometimes it has been abit misfortune as the bot has decided to loot instead of eat, and then by mistake aggroed a new mob while at 5-10% hp and died. But overall it's a much better option than doing it without it. -First aid also is very handy if you are playing for example a warrior or a rogue, where you do need constant hp regen and don't have access to a healspell. -Automatically using pots also helps alot. I just stock up a few stacks of pots and leave him farming mobs, it will save him those times when he by mistake gets few extra mobs on him, and it will save tremendous amount of time. Also everytime he survives dying, is one less opportunity for the bot to become obvious and run and die instantly when spawning into mobs or other similar situations. You want to minimize the amount of times the bot dies, to minimize the amount of mistakes he can make. -Automatically equips better items (I would suggest not equipping blues 😛 As these can sell pretty good on AH.) Now to the downsides I have noticed.. -I did have issues with the protected items, but this was fixed by Matenia rather quickly, so it can be disregarded. -Running away from combat sometimes can be very bad. Actually pretty often. Alot of times my char has been fighting a mob, and when the mob is about to die he manage to get me below the threshhold, and my char just turns and tries to escape and dies. Several times has he ran into more mobs while trying to escape aswell. I do use this function in some areas, but not in all just for this reason. If you want to use it, make sure the area has easy escaperoutes that the plugin can figure out, as I imagine it is not very sophisticated(I mean c'mon, its a plugin). -Also the potion was abit stupid when I bought this plugin, it kept using it at 30-40% and there was no option to set the percentage of when to use it, so sometimes mob would have 3% hp and I would have 40, and he just pops a healthpot.. This however has also been fixed by Matenia very quickly. As you can see, out of the three issues I have found so far with this plugin, two of them has been fixed within a week of me QQing at Matenia. (The third one I havn't QQed about yet, but I will do it soon I'm just letting him rest between the QQs, so maybe it will be fixed by the time you buy this plugin - which you should!) The support is superb, the plugin is amazing, and as I said - Most of these features are things that in my opinion SHOULD be implemented in the bot, but they are not. So this plugin is a MUST until several of these features are implemented in the bot at the same standard as this plugin provides.
  8. Seems to be working fine so far 🙂 Before it was adding the items everytime I started it, as if it did not check if it had already added them. Now it correctly adds the items once, and then not again unless I manually remove them - which is how it is intended to be. Superb plugin when it works 😉 Ill throw in a review for you. Thanks!
  9. 1 session wrobot is 23 euros, so yes you do. Either way, I am not here to make enemy with you, nor am I here to argue. I just simply want to be able to use the product I have purchased from you, and I do understand that there is alot of effort and time invested in this from your side. I can join discord, but I would gladly appreciate if you could help me out to sort this issue as it is making the plugin unusable for me. We can continue the discussion there, and I am sorry for the way my last response was written. It's just that I have as stated before - not been able to use the plugin for extended amount of times before the bot becoming sluggish due to tremendous amount of items in the do not sell list. Thank you.
  10. When you charge more than the bot costs, you kinda have to live with supplying support for ur product when it is not working at all. My intention is not to spam you down, I simply want to use the product I payed you alot of money for and have not been able to use it for more then couple of hours since start. I am still waiting for the update where I can use this on more than one sessions. If this is a problem for you, I would not mind a refund.
  11. Yeah well everytime he spawns I try to spam press Esc and try to hold him from pulling manually but he just ffing refuses! He really locks on to a target instantly and nothing will pause him to revive pet or eat before pulling. Only happens with my hunter, not other classes.
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