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  1. Thank you. I have the profile already but I wanted to know before paying for the respec.
  2. Does this fight class know about / use riposte and/or blade flurry?
  3. I have a fairly well geared rogue as I go to the AH every couple of levels. (vendetta main hand, kris of monkey offhand, 0/23/0 spec) Even with that, the desolace path in the main 1-60 profile at level 32 is a nonstop death run from constant multiple mobs. I'll try some of the alternate files and see if I can find something that works for my spec. I thought I'd leave a heads up here in case anyone else experiences it. I've had great success until this point, so I'm hopeful it's just a bad situation for straight melee. I'd guess this may be fine for some classes, but I think rogues and warriors in particular will have problems.
  4. OK, thank you. That would be a great update for those of us who bot while at the computer. 🙂
  5. Yep, you understand correctly and that's precisely the issue for me. I would like the bot to stop, but not close wow on teleport. Is that not possible?
  6. I see the option to un-check close bot on teleport. If I select that, when I go to Advanced Settings it auto-selects to close wow on teleport. Then, if I un-check closing wow on teleport, wrobot unchecks stop bot on teleport in general settings. Am I missing something?
  7. Hello -- Is it possible to have the bot stop, play a sound, but not close wow when teleported? I've had a couple lower level test accounts banned, and I've been at the computer both times but wow was running in the background. I think it may be possible to save a ban if wow isn't instantly closed on teleport in this situation.
  8. I'm at the ship, started the profile as a quester, and it doesn't do anything. Am I missing something?
  9. Thanks, I've figured this part out now. The only other suggestion I'd have is not use aim shot unless the mob is above 15 or 20%. How it works now, usually, is I'm finishing the mob who's at 5% or less with an aim shot and wasting mana.
  10. I am using mend pet, and it sort of works in combat. It seems to stop channeling once the pet hits 50%, even if there is more time left to channel. Anyway, if the fight ends and the pet is low health and the character is low mana, it doesn't wait or drink, it just moves onto the next mob.
  11. Great fight class that's been working mostly well for me 1-20. My question is around pet health. Almost all of my deaths come from the bot starting a fight with the pet's health around 25-30%. Are there no checks for pet health prior to starting a fight, or is this something that wrobot itself handles? Any advice how to fix this?
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