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[PAID] Andoido's Paid Profiles Compendium - 1-60 - 70 Alliance + Horde | 1-60 Horde + Alliance REMAKE's | x4 1-60 Alliance Profiles | x4 1-60 Horde Profiles | 70+ Files in all. | 1 Rocketr Code Fits All | TBC/WOTLK Ready | 1.0.1

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About This File



Over 1500+ man hours went into all of this work. Around 3,000 quests.

I am offering this "Compendium" as a courtasy to my past/future buyers, rather than paying 150+- for each individual profile, and keeping track of dozens of rocketr ID's, this is litterally Half Off! and only requires 1 ID! And you get more than just leveling profiles ?




After purchasing, please open the .rar file and copy everything exactly as it is - do not move files Outside of the designated folder, as i have "Load Profile" scripts which will get messed up! I would also like to stress that 1 rocketr ID - will fit all. So... Trial Accounts, don't work! lol




To the Right " DOWNLOAD NOW " - Contains over 25 Profiles. 1-13 Starting Areas, Class Quests, And much Much more. Enjoy!



Andoido's Profile Compendium: Whats in it?

1-60 Horde (Advanced) REMAKE - Quester
1-60 Alliance (Advanced) REMAKE - Quester

I have included 2-3 "variations" of this profile - Since people enjoyed it so much. The profile title says it all !!
1-60 AFK


70-80 WOTLK Horde - GRINDER Only

1-300 Skinning (horde)

16 + "Gold" farming profiles.
All Class Quests (Including a WORKING Horde Rogue Poisons)

1-300 Lock picking (Works for Alliance or Horde)
Many UN-encrypted files, for those of you wishing to learn.



In-Game Interface: (Varies) from Profile to Profile.

  • Moveable Display.
  • Exitable, and Re-Openable via In game Chat Command.
  • Displays custom text by myself for key moments in the profile.





Contact me Anytime 24/7 for Help or What Ever

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/fudFNyc
DISCORD ID - Andoido#0218
EMAIL: [email protected]
Store Chat:




  • No Refunds. What you pay for is what you get, If you encounter a problem and want it fixed, or want something changed - Ask me I am more than happy to help
  • All buyers agree not to share Any of my work, or Code, without my explicit confirmation.
  • All buyers are allowed 10 IP's (or Instanced) of the Profile. What this means is if you know what Proxifier or Sandbox is, you can load up each WoW.exe with a completely different IP than your Home, or other IP's
    ( If you are interested in this, please contact me. I can help you with this.)
  • All buyers should immediatly join my Discord for help and problems and updates https://discord.gg/fudFNyc



Randomization was a feature I implemented back on my 2nd profile launch. Since then its been Upgraded (Thanks to @Matenia  )

Randomization - The profile will Randomly select a grinding location based on level.
Randomization + Timer - The profile Randomly selects a Grinding Location, and depending on the set interval - Will Re-Reselect a new Grind Spot (or the same) Every X Minutes.



As many of you know... My shit is fire. I put a lot of work and effort into everything I do and consitantly.. Update any issues.

Features that most all my profiles contain. - TBC + WOTLK Ready.


  1. Automatic Updates - Each time the Profile is Started it will check your current Encryption Code, against the one on my Server.
  2. 60-70 TBC Profile Included - BONUS! (Details below after 1-60 Details.)
  3. LAUNCHER.xml Profile - Used to determin Bot Level, Class Quests, etc.
  4. Custom Pathing to Everything (Quests, Flight Paths, Grinding etc).
  5. Custom Load Profiles Code.
  6. Mainly does High Green, Low Yellow Quests at low levels (Warrior friendly)
  7. Yelllow - High Yellow Quests when the bot is higher level.
  8. Class Quest Checker - Actually has a 2ndary redundancy - you will always have the class Quest completed.
  9. Easily skip any class quest you like - 3 checks and done, vs 50-100 unchecks in previous profiles.
  10. Quest Completion Detection - Detects completed Quests.
  11. Randomized Grinding.
  12. Randomized Grinding Timer - Avg is 30-40 mins before attempting to switch grind locations.
  13. Automatic Level Detection - All quests have a level range, on top of that the profile has Level Checks.
  14. Custom On Screen Display - To show Quest Information.
  15. 950+ Quests - in the 1-60 Horde REMAKE Profile.
  16. Class Based - Automatic "Step Unchecking" - In the Launcher, based on class, the bot will uncheck all unnecessary steps unrelated to that class.
  17. ALL Class Quests. Level 10, 20, 30.
  18. Buying items from Vendors.
  19. 1-300 Skinning - Bot will level skinning, and train automatically.
  20. Custom Flying - The bot will Force Fly to Every Single Destination in the profile. Flying Plugins are handy for when you train skills.
  21. Uses Zepplins and Boats Frequently.
  22. Auto Zone Detection  based on level. If you are in the wrong continent the bot will force you to the proper one.
  23. Automatic Item Deletion.
  24. Automatic Abandon Quests.
  25. Custom Code  that allows the profile to work for TBC + WOTLK.
  26. Multiple Hearth Bind location checks - Orgrimmar is the Default location. Forced Binding.
  27. 1-13 Automatic Weapon Buying at levels 6 and 11 +-.
  28. Weapons Master Training.
  29. Green Weapon Check - Bot will skip buying weapons if a Green + Weapon is equipped.
  30. Automatically Opens Clams during Azshara Grind.
  31. Automatically Deletes Items from Inventory when Grinding - Items with crap sell values and take up space.
  32. Profile Restarter - Anti AFK Detection. If the bot goes AFK it will force Restart the Launcher Profile.
  33. Will use Hearthstone dozens of times at key moments, for key quests and speed.
  34. Massive Grinding Areas to avoid bot Trains.
  35. Custom code to check for "Failed" quests (Only a couple quests required this).
  36. Quest Drops - I added over a Dozen special If stamtnets to Kill a specific mob, for a quest item, pickit up, rutn it in.
  37. Bot ill do the Tanaris Quests in Shipwreck Cove (These comeout at a later patch, ive indicated the Start and Stop Uncheck if your server does not have them.
  38. Will do Hinterlands Quests - Also made a visual code to Uncheck the code for it - Some Servers dont have this early on.
  39. Huge NPC Database - You can choose to use my database, or a Plugins.
  40. All Mailboxes Added.
  41. Mount Buying - Bot will buy Mounts from 45-59. Easily Skippable, 3 Checks in the Launcher.xml and you can skip this.
  42. Warlock Mount included.
  43. Bot will get ALL warlock pets. (You can skip them in 3 Unchecks!).
  44. Rogue Poisons - Done at level 31 after Shimmering Flats - 100% remade the code and tested several times.
  45. All Quests that require "Gathering" or "using an item" have a special code and a 2ndary code to make 100% sure it gets completed.
  46. Huge NPC + Blacklisted Areas Database (All profiles contain all blacklisted mobs/areas.)

MANY other features are available - depending on what profile you wish to use. (Updated forum post + Quest Counts, coming soon)









@Matenia for helping me with a lot of my awesome questions!

@Smokie for being very helpfull with my latest release

@FNV316 For his Custom Script that i modified to fit my needs

@Marsbar For helping me with a lot tttt of questions.

@Droidz Who also helped with some of the codes in the profiles!

@Various Users - Who when googled, was able to find and learn a lot.




  • Human Master Plugin by Matenia - This is my #1 most recommended plugin for ANY bot user. This thing has so much functionality and usage i cant even list it.
  • Paid Fight Classes by Matenia (All his FC's are Amazing.) Melee DPS should invest for Ranged Pulling. - https://rocketr.net/sellers/Schaka
  • Move During Combat by Droidz - Absolutely required for ANY melee DPS (even Priests)
  • Auto Pet Feeder (Hunters) - Requried for any hunter, will feed your pet.
  • Vanilla Clam Opener by Bambo - Required if you are farming mobs that drop clams ( My profile does NOT. so this is not required.)
  • iTalents by Jasabi - This addon is highly recommended for anybody who wants to bot 100% afk. It will auto train your talents for you so you dont have to. (Read the HOW TO on the post.)
  • WTrainer (Vanilla Flight Master alternative if you cannot afford)



  1. Download the .rar file
  2. Copy entire into .rar Content into Quester Folder. - Just straight up Open, and Drag and Drop.
  3. Copy your Rocketr ID
  4. Loadup Wrobot.
  5. Select "Quester Bot"
  6. Select your Desired Profile. Click Start.
  7. When prompted - Enter Rocketr ID.
  8. Enjoy!

Do Not! Rename, or move any files out of the Folder. Wrobot>Profiles>Quester>1-60 REMAKE_Andoido





Andoido's Profile Compendium:  Purchase Now on Rocketr!    https://rocketr.net/buy/c56b4e0d732a

Buy now, and never buy have to buy another profile. This Compendium has EVERYTHING you would EVER need for VANILLA + TBC  (Wotlk Quester Coming Soon.)
Average ammount of money
saved = 85$




DISCORD: Andoido#0218

DISCORD https://discord.gg/fudFNyc





STORE LINK:      https://rocketr.net/sellers/Tarud


ZZukbot  -- 1-60 Alliance + 1-60 Horde - WRobot Alternative         https://rocketr.net/buy/f13a1873fedf

Zzukbot is a Grinder Only bot. No Questing. You load profiles every 4 levels and thats that. Massive selection in profiles - i personally  made. Includes ALL Fight Classes for ALL Classes.
Zzukbot works ONLY on 1.12.1 Vanilla WoW Clients.

For 20$ - You are set. Thats it. No Subscription, nothing. Simply follow the instructions at the Bottom of the link above (installing the pre-requisites + download zzukbot) and run! Simple!







WROBOT SETTINGS - What I Recommend

Wrobot can be difficult. Settings are a HUGE part of it. Below ill give you some reccomendations.
1) Set range to 70-100 (search mob radius) - all classes
2) Melee - Always use RANGED PULLING - Prevents dying.

3) Melee - Always have "Move During Combat" Plugin.
4) Enable "Attack before being Attacked"
5) Turn off "NINJA" - This will make your bot skin other players mobs.

Melee = Should always use Ranged Pulling, Eat 70%
Healers: Drink at 45% (No need to buy food, or set a value)














MELEE - Set food to whatever.
MELEE - Set Drink to Nothing

CASTER/Healer - Set Drink to 100+-,, leave food at 0



If you do NOT  have "Human Master Plugin" or " WTrainer" Turn on " Use Only NPC of Current Profile.










Drink Health Potion = 20
CASTER / HEALER - Set Run Away - Drink  at like 9%

MELEE - Set Ammunition to 4 Stacks.
MELEE - Turn OFF ... Buy Drinks.
CASTERS/HEALERS -- Turn OFF ... Buy Food










What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Paypal has been sorted. You can now purcahse, no need to send me PM's.

Be sure when you start, if you start at a level ike 54.. that you "Uncheck" parts of the code in the settings. if your bot is in EPL and running to Ironforge. Look in the DEBUG log for [QUESTER] 1111 -- this is the quester step. and uncheck it + any followup steps it has.


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