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I am amazed by how useful and fun the "Party" option is.. However, it is disappointing that the bot does not assist in attacking Enemy players. Could you please fix this ? I want the bot to Assist main target at ALL situations and ALL fights. I am running with 4 toons aorund and I get one guy who is able to kill all of them because 3 are sitting back not doing anything. It also makes it look quite bottish since Enemy players see that the other toons are not doing anything unless they get hit.


Added more explanation : basically, when running in party mode, bots will not assist the leader against enemy (players) in WORLD PVP. They will only engage the fight if they got hit by that enemy player

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@Droidz  Could you please fix this so that party will also ASSIST vs Player and attack.. I checked all my settings, but problem not from there.


They all sit there and do nothing unless enemy player touch them. So, he attack them one by one and end up killing all.....Now one enemy player kill 5 feral druids.. Thats a big problem.

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On 8/27/2017 at 0:56 AM, Apexx said:

It sounds like an issue with your fight class.

I don't think it is a fight class issue..or else it wouldn't happen just against players. Try going running multiple toons in party with bot then let enemy player attack one of them. As long as the enemy player does not touch the other characters, they will not engage the fight.  The one gets attacked will attack back.


Here is my fight class

Feral 70.xml

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I would like to add that after running the bot for 2-3 hours (sometimes) It starts bugging where it stops attacking mobs completely.. it only assist the leader with healing as if "healer" option was enabled. The log during that time doesn't show errors or anything wrong.. its plain empty. I have to stop the bot and run it again.

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Just encountered this problem, though my issue is that when the leader engages a PvP player the party bot does not assist unless it gets damaged or I manually trigger the party bot to start its attack. AnY idea what's up? Ignore pvp players is unchecked. No condition in fight class should be preventing him from helping. He fights fine and uses the pvp skills he is supposed to when manually triggered. This is however on Cata.

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Party product is not being developed anymore. It's not even part of the advertised features. He threw it in there for good measure because he developde waaaaaay back in the day.

I already released a free plugin for in-party leveling here: 

If you don't like some of the code in it, you can just modify it since the source is attached.
I personally think Droidz should just remove the Party product and a few others so people stop acting entitled to it.

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