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Bot fly under water

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On 4/28/2018 at 8:21 PM, Droidz said:


he go from location from A to B or because he try to rearch mob/node in water?


a bot often flies from one location to another. When a bot flies over water, it often uses points under water when it is on a flying mount and starts to get stuck on the surface without dismounting from the mount. Please help with the solution

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Solution is simple. You must set the radar distance for example 40 yards and record the gathering path 40 yards above the water. If the distance is bigger ( for example 100 yards scan range and the ore is 20 yards below the water  and you are 50 yards above the water 20+50=70 scan range is 100 not good) the bot will try to dig in water. And because bot don't see the water ( water blindness ! bot cannot detect water texture ! beware  ) it will bug on the water and you will get banana. 

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I mainly use Grinder, and I do a lot tasks like "Run" in the reloger, and when there is a change of "run", the bot uses the Path Finder, which automatically draws a route through the bottom of any rivers and lakes. There is a solution - add to the blacklist all the reservoirs that are between the routes, and you need to do blacklists at the bottom of the reservoirs and not on their surface, if on the surface - the bot can ignore the blacklist and get stuck.

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