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  1. 9 hours ago, wufta said:

    well i only copied a small portion of it and it just keeps spamming those over and over till the bot lags out


    Yes, there is no way to prevent wrobot from spamming the code when it's made in the fightclass editor. Please see your pm.

    If you insist on using my fightclass editor version that you have now, just turn off the log to prevent it from crashing.
    Otherwise use the file I pm'ed you..

  2. 4 hours ago, maukor said:

    Hey, bots spamms Checking Reset instance in loop, but i'm already in dungeon with full group, dungeon is resetted, all ready but he skipps all move to pack/teamup/grind til the end of profile. Can you explain what should trigger fully reset profile, so he gonna think that it's time to start grind first pack etc.
    /reload each time or?

    In the end of the RFC code if you open that, there is a way to make it reset dungeon.

  3. 12 hours ago, maukor said:

    Will they always gather all on the same spot near dungeon entrance? Afraid of reports, Is it possible to make them after dungeon clear, use HS, then with different timers and follow paths run in dungeon? 

    You set the pathing youtself. If you don't want them in front of the dungeon. Don't tell them to. 🙂

  4. 18 hours ago, hiptoss said:

    Thanks, I've figured this part out now.  The only other suggestion I'd have is not use aim shot unless the mob is above 15 or 20%.  How it works now, usually, is I'm finishing the mob who's at 5% or less with an aim shot and wasting mana.  

    I can't do a %. Because a raid boss with 15-20% health will definitely need to take some aimed shots. But I will see if i can find a work around. 🙂

  5. 3 hours ago, hiptoss said:

    I am using mend pet, and it sort of works in combat.  It seems to stop channeling once the pet hits 50%, even if there is more time left to channel.  Anyway, if the fight ends and the pet is low health and the character is low mana, it doesn't wait or drink, it just moves onto the next mob.

    You need to change the wrobot settings to fix these issues. This is not a fightclass thing. 🙂
    Go look in advanced settings. I am not by my pc right now, so i can't look myself what they are called. But you need to change some percentages. 🙂

  6. 4 hours ago, hiptoss said:

    Great fight class that's been working mostly well for me 1-20.  My question is around pet health.  Almost all of my deaths come from the bot starting a fight with the pet's health around 25-30%.  Are there no checks for pet health prior to starting a fight, or is this something that wrobot itself handles?  Any advice how to fix this?


    Are you not using mend pet?
    If the pets hp is low, it should heal it up with mend pet.
    Mend pet is a channeling spell, which means the hunter won't be able to move to next mob unless it's done healing the pet. 🙂

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