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  1. Wow this sounds amazing, I'll be trying this out for sure! Is all classes supported? And like @lbniese says, it is indeed nice to see people releasing free stuff instead of asking for money all the time. Were all in the same community afterall :)
  2. Seems like @DonaldMacRonald has gone missing D: tried PM'ing him a while ago, no answer here or in PM's Would love if someone could make an continuation of this fight class
  3. ....... I mean, what does the guy that gives you an account to bot on get from all of this.
  4. Gave up on the profile at 18-25 since it needed far too much babysitting when it constantly ran through ashenvale stonetalon and the barrens. It kept running into the Silverwing Guards in ashenvale and died, and often pulled too many mobs and died in stonetalon mountains during the goblin quests. So due to all that jazz I've been using this to skip up to level 25 so I can activate the next profile (1k Needles 25-27) which I will be giving feedback for as well
  5. Can't seem to make it use Hunter's Mark, Concussive Shot, Aspect of the Hawk, Aspect of the Monkey and Mend Pet even though I've enabled them in the settings :/ Would also like to see some more pet management so it isn't required to have your pet set to "Defensive" stance and Feign Death when having aggro would be sick as well so your pet gets the aggro. Another issue is that the bot doesn't move closer/further from the mob when it's in "death zone" range (when you aren't in range of melee nor ranged attacks.
  6. Nice!, this will be really helpful for the vanilla bots especially. And thank you for making it free as well the wrobot community needs more like this :D
  7. Yep, I tried making my own Hunter fight class for vanilla via the fight class editor... welp gave up on that pretty quickly when I noticed that simple conditions weren't gonna cut it and I have no coding knowledge what so ever so c# or lua probably won't happen :/
  8. Using CTM for swimming works, however if the bot tries to swim up on land with CTM enabled, the same exact result happens. Also if CTM is enabled it will stutter on while moving on land, just like swimming did without CTM I also tried the plugin you made in the other thread, that didn't fix it either :(
  9. Is this for vanilla or official servers? Edit: It's for official servers and does NOT work for vanilla. welp.
  10. This happens only with the vanilla bot, on official servers it works. Here's a GIF of it happening from another thread: https://gyazo.com/de2e595ddb926397e5f48f0f7452598b
  11. The bot won't skin mobs that it kills, it'll only skin mobs killed by other players. This doesn't seem to be an issue for the retail bot, but for the vanilla bot it is an issue.
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