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  1. Still happening no matter how high I set the latency. It does not seem to affect how fast the bot goes from skinning to eating.
  2. I've seen this too. You can avoid it by turning on the setting of ignore fight with pet, but then it will die sometimes in PvE to mobs that have a pet.
  3. Frequently, the bot will immediately start eating after skinning, which results in the skin not being looted. Quite often the bot will leave it and then suddenly come back from like 50 yards away to loot the skinned mob. Either a delay needs to be added or the bot does not skin while holding shift, which it should.
  4. I see there is an update but still getting same error when trying to run Quester.
  5. Also experiencing this. [E] 08:10:42.107 - Quester.Bot > Pulse(): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at  .(Boolean , String ) 08:10:42.107 - [Quester] Failed to start [E] 08:10:46.191 - Quester.Bot > Pulse(): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at  .(Boolean , String ) 08:10:46.191 - [Quester] Failed to start
  6. Note: only know of this happening on vanilla 1.12.1
  7. Sometimes dead mobs bug and show as lootable but the loot button is always gray no matter how close bot is to the dead mob. The bot does not detect this, so it keeps trying to loot the corpse until it despawns.
  8. I was hoping someone could develop a small plugin for the Quester module that just disables helping group members in combat when the quest objectives of the current quest are completed.
  9. I wasn't using autoequip but it started working ok randomly (with HMP on). Can't remember if I had to restart wrobot/wow. I'm about to try it again somewhere else, different level etc. so let's see. edit: worked ok for low lvl horde
  10. Using a very basic setup with automation, bot does not sit to eat even when health % and specific food is specified (has food in bags). edit: with human master plugin turned off it doesn't even wait to regen normally, starts fighting next mob even at low HP
  11. The meshes do not seem to account for the solid wall that separates Hillsbrad Foothills from Arathi Highlands. I will often find the bot running into the wall, it looks like wrobot thinks there is a gap in the wall somewhere south of the gate.
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