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  1. Your correct. I see that now after checking fight logs. It uses Nightfall too which is a big increase. My bots seem to be able to take 1-3 mobs. Great fightclass.
  2. It has to be population. Just speculation though. I tried the Alliance side twice now, but no luck past level 40. I feel it has to do with population.
  3. Questions with some answers: 1. Lock1; 36 Lock2; 42 Lock3; 58, Lock4; 68 (I don't start them all together usually competition over same farming/grinding spots) 2. 24/7 botting. I don't see a reason in breaking it up unless you wanting to protect main account. (free accounts on this server). 3. Questing/Grinding profiles: Bambos 1-70 Horde Grinder & Bambo 1-50 Quester. Highly recommend these profiles. Have some random custom profiles that i've made thrown into the mix for 1-20, 50-60, & material farming. I only use Matenias warlock fight class the Affliction/Demo one, pre
  4. Would like it to use Racial (Bezerk, Blood Fury, ETC...) and Amp Curse. Not game breaking, but would improve overall XP/HR. Pretty good fightclass.
  5. Got hit today. Got 4 warlocks. Using paid profiles and fightclass. All different VPNs, all different PCs via HMID spoofer and VM. 😑 Time to setup new accounts and go back at it this afternoon.
  6. I still can't get wand "Shoot" to work. Get error: [E] 17:06:02.728 - Compilator Error : : error CS0117: 'wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager' does not contain a definition for 'GetSpellSlotId' I know nothing about C#. I tried the LUA script to no avail. Anyone with a work around that they can share?
  7. Hello, I've seen the bot trying to attack hidden mobs? It says in the log "world invisible trigger" lvl 10. I'm not quite sure what it is. It happen in Revantusk Village (The Hinterlands) and in Rise of the Defiler (Blasted lands). Bot runs up to hidden object/mob stands there runs off 3m turns around and goes back trying to kill it. I can't run some of my routes because of this. No clue? Maybe quest mob/item is hidden from view?
  8. I've been looking through the fight class maker. I didn't see anything to make sure shaman has buff on offhand weapon. Anyone have a fix for this or am i not looking hard enough?
  9. So running a route the bot dismounts and runs a little further then remounts. It seems like every time it gets to new way point it does this. I'm currently using Ghost Wolf as my mount this may be the cause of the issue. Some others on discord are having this problem as well. Attached a log with bot running a paid profile and paid fightclass. 15 Feb 2019 18H07.log.html
  10. No clue. I'm running 4 more accounts through all 4 on different personal made profiles. All 4 different classes and races so lets see where this gets us.
  11. I got popped twice on Netherwing. Mostly because someone "reported" me on discord and other one was a 24/7 trial run of mostly common grinding spots. The reported account was 46 and the 24/7 account got to level 56. This is with only grinding and no questing. I'm sure if you could afford some of these quester profiles floating around it might be a different story. I'm cheap and broke so I just make my own grinder profiles.
  12. Just tested the Earth totem quest on Horde Race orc. Works perfectly! Will check back later with fire.
  13. @Ordush I'm getting this error coming up into log window: [E] 13:38:43 - [My fightclass] ERROR: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Boolean wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.WoWPlayer.get_IsSitting()'. at Main.PreCombatRotation() at Main.Rotation()
  14. I've did a search and looked around on the forums, but no one gives a truly detailed statement on how to setup ghost wolf between mobs. I'd like to set it at maybe a timer or if a mob not in XYZ coord/distance use ghost wolf to travel to next mob. I'd like to also have if repairing/selling items ghost wolf until in combat kill mob and re-ghost wolf back to town. I've searched for a while with no real luck. If someone can help me or PM me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,
  15. Is this fightclass still worth downloading?
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