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  1. Does anyone have a profilepack for questing or griding from 58-70 or 58-85? 🙂
  2. Dude, where did you find the 1-58 profile? I seriously cant find it! only the horde one.
  3. Well, I dont wanna nag on him..
  4. Is it not possible to buy the 3 days pass anymore? I'd like to try it for a few days before spending money on it, and 15 minutes aint enough 😐 You should bring back the 3 day pass.
  5. I know dude, asked him several times. Ignored me, I gotta say Wrobot is losing its good rep because of certain mods.
  6. Dude, download lazypig addon. It will join automaticly for you.
  7. And how do I disable free mode? And how do I make my own profile xD I'm kinda new to vanilla botting.
  8. Yeah, thats the reason why I want it to just stand still and leech, and not go AFK. The server I am on has no problem with leeching, so it seems like the best option for me atm. Got any idea how to get the bot to stand still? I got the antiAFK plugin, so thats no issue. I just cant get the bot to stand still.
  9. The issue is, I dont know which profiles.. I mean, I just want to stand in the starting zone of AV and leech. But just never go AFK. Everything I want to do is start WoW, start the bot, then it signs up for AV, joins AV, does nothing at all, just stand in the starting room, does not go AFK while just standing there. Then when the AV is over, it leaves, signs up and repeat. Is that possible? If so, how do I do it?
  10. And what is relogger? Need some more info here.
  11. I was wondering, is it possible to make a profile so the bot signs my character up for AV, and just leeches the whole game? It seems like the server I'm playing on doesnt mind leeching.. So it signs up, joins AV, leeches, leaves when the AV is over, signs up and repeat the whole prosess? Without going afk, is that possible?
  12. I've never tried Wrobot bot on a vanilla server, only on warmane and it worked GREAT! Does the vanilla version of the bot have AV in it? So it signs up for AV and does it?
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