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  1. Can this be used for lvling as well?
    Doesnt work, just stands there.
  2. Set it to grinder, not questing.
  3. Does anyone have a profilepack for questing or griding from 58-70 or 58-85? 🙂
  4. Dude, where did you find the 1-58 profile? I seriously cant find it! only the horde one.
  5. Well, I dont wanna nag on him..
  6. Is it not possible to buy the 3 days pass anymore? I'd like to try it for a few days before spending money on it, and 15 minutes aint enough 😐 You should bring back the 3 day pass.
  7. I know dude, asked him several times. Ignored me, I gotta say Wrobot is losing its good rep because of certain mods.
  8. Dude, download lazypig addon. It will join automaticly for you.
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