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  1. I know the issue! Turns out my sub had ran out. Bought a new one now. You can close this.
  2. Disabeled all addons as well. Still turns off like 10 sec after I turn it on.
  3. 7 apr 2021 12H09 - lyvc.log.html 7 apr 2021 12H24.log.html
  4. It started just fine then it turned itself off and closed. This happened 3 times in a row. Anyone else had an issue with this today?
  5. Could anyone make a good tbc arms warr fightclass for me? Tried to find one to buy but couldnt find any.
    I like it alot, but the warrior FC wont charge. It just runs up to the target. But the rotation on all the warrior specs is very good
    Getting disconnected from the game. Doesnt work sadly
    Currently using it, grinding and skilling up works like a charm. Would love more profiles like this from you. 5/5 Edit: Got from 0-450 in little under 3 hours and thats with farming all the cloth and the book. Best one out there, and its free!
  6. I'm looking for an arms warrior pvp fightclass. Free or to buy.
  7. A bit sceptical about this one.. Why use battle stance when berserker is way more dps and have more abilities to use? I mean you cant use whirlwind in battle stance.
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