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Bot selling whites although disabled (VANILLA)

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I'm using the beta vanilla mage fightclass with the horde 1-60 (paid) grind profile. Although I disable the option to sell whites, he sells all whites nontheless. Even when I disable sell option completly, he goes back to vendor and sells everything including whites. The Items I put in "do not sell" he really doesnt sell, but I dont feel like entering a thousand item names in there so I just sort out white drops by hand (which to vendor which to AH).

Is it bugged or what am I doing wrong? Are the fightclass/grind profile (Which runs under quest fyi) interfering with that? Pls help im new to WROBOT ;).

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""Check that the first step in your profile doesn't enable (through C# code) selling whites. That's probably the case.""

100% this.

I put runcode as the first step of 99% of my profiles to enable / disable features that i need for the bot to work.

its the first step so to disable go to product settings > enable disable steps> and untick the first box.

The box should be Runcode(wManager..........) something something.

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