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  1. Hey got a new problem I believe, don't see it in the FAQ or the comments here...I have performed a fresh install of Wrobot (put it on my desktop) and all profiles//FCs were gone plus ran WoW with no addons and then Wrobot on admin mode. I then put this FC, hunter BM & Andiodo alliance quester...I am having an issue with a repetitive noise, sounds like dragging and dropping an action onto an actionbar...I find it not only extremely annoying noise wise but it also affects skinning whereas I will fully perform the skinning action and then not grab the loot in from skinning, walking away from a glowing mob.
    I was new to Wrobot when I found this leveling profile. Andoido helped me setup everything up and got me running. I have a max level Rogue now on a highly populated server with no issues. Very easy to download/setup/leave running when you're out of the house. Thank you for writing such a solid profile!
    Was having issues with it drinking to recover mana but once I stopped babysitting the bot and let it do its thing, everything was fine. Great fight class, thank you!
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