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  1. I have 2 testers, but I'm slowly progress as I need a high lvl toons to do the quest faster! So if anyone have a horde that haven't done quests - lvl 50 + i would be very interesting in the account. Will ofc credit with a free profile for leveling :) pm me if you have that - server doesn't matter as long as it is on vanilla
  2. and the unit dident attack before it was attacked 9 feb 2017 10H21 - JQeSt.log.html
  3. Will do next time I see I happen :)
  4. It's a bot issue. I have made a couple of mage profiles as well and even if I max the item count it still does it.
  5. Strange - mine does it :) But hey just a + if I'm the only one I guess
  6. The bot keeps respawning in fighting range of mobs, and it makes it dies unnessary (Way to much)
  7. As the title says, the bot stands to far away from the NPC to interact. both to pick up quest, and to vendor/repair
  8. yea and im on elysium wow server and default settings
  9. The bot seems to just revive instant even though i died and normally have to wait xxx secounds before revive. This could make the bot very easy to spot
  10. Found one - closed for now Hello boys and girls. As the title says, I need a tester for my vanilla (horde) leveling questing profile. So far it can almost take you to 55 (But there a quite some bugs and stuck points I need help finding, as I also need to complete the profile) When the profile is complete it will cost around 20-25 euro, so here is your chance to get it free. If anyone is interested in this - send me a pm with a quick "why should i pick you"
  11. Started the project today (for horde this time though) Finished: 1-5 Troll/orc In progress: 15-20 Troll/orc This will follow the VanillaGuide as close as possible (so far 100 %) Takes pretty long as i have to level with the profile while i create it
  12. The bot seems to cast a spell, and before the spells hits, it target another mob, and this way it pulls to many mobs, and die. is there a fix for this?
  13. The bot seems to have huge problem knowing when it is in the water It trying to drink/eat under water, and it is drowning just standing in the water trying to regren. It also don't swim down to the mobs to loot them, but instead getting stuck in the surface.
  14. Take the talents listed in there :)