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  1. I will update the profiles and fix all the reported bugs, when the 40-60 profile is done :) So keep them coming! I can't so anything about the broken gathering quests, as it needs a bot update :(
  2. @Butterbirne This seems very strange, as that zone have been running smooth since creation of the profile. What quest is the latest complete? And what class are you playing? - Do you have full bags? (Is it trying to sell) Are you a warlock? And does It try to train, without enough $$ for it? Can you pm me a log, so I can get an idea, what went wrong :)
  3. I belive i have the most complete quester out there so far :) Running from 1-40 so far (both factions) But still have a few bugs that needs to be cleared in the upcoming releases.
  4. Just bought this - Will test it out, and hopefully it Will work ! - So far it seems pretty good - does what it should, only little thing, is you have to figur out stats prioity for your class.
  5. As the title says. Gathering seems to be broken on Elysium server after the new update. (Still working on my test server though?)
  6. Hi mate Try posting a log, without it we don't stand a chance to see what's going on. But it should really strange, unless you changed level or something?, but more info is needed :)
  7. Horde 30-39 is done now - so expect the 1-40 horde to be release this week! Edit 1-40 horde is complete now - re-download It from sellfy :) Next project is 40-50 part. And as it seems most people like to play horde, so I guess I start with that :) Keep sending PM'S with bugs :) helps me a lot, as they get fixed from release to release! We have had some episodes where people was trying to sell my profile, so please if you buy from another seller, wait until droidz have cleared it as a working profile! And please be patient with the updates, I promise you, they will come, but understand it takes quite a while to create each lvl, and I have a full time job, and a GF I need to take care of as well. And I have gotten a lot of request for tbc/wotlk profiles To answer the big question - yes I am also creating those profiles, but need a base vanilla profile for 1-60 of them anyway.
  8. This function seems to be broken :-( a fix or a work around, without using a hotspot. ?
  9. The problem is Vanilla dosen't have the same "options" as newer versions of wow. So it is really hard to get it to compare the items - but i guess it is possible (in one way or another) - hopes someone will make an plugin to wrobot that does it :-)
  10. Pm me the sales info and ill send you the updated profile
  11. Alliance is updated now 30-40. Download if from sellfy (the file if updated), if there are any trouble send me a PM, and ill send it to you. Horde in progress - hoping to finish it this weekend.
  12. For some reason the bot mixes up, mostly if there are more than 1 key. So for now i also deleted it, but it should be really easy to expand the bag to include the keychain when it seach for items :)
  13. The bot don't detect the item if it is in the keychain. like in quest: "The Hidden Key" id 328 where you get the key: 2719 Any I'm using this: return wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(2719) == 1; to check for the key in the bag. Just a note: If i move the key from the keychain to the bag, then the issue is solved. - Thinking about it - I have seen this problem in 2-3 other quests with the same structure (pick a key up that goes into the "keyring")
  14. The updates are slowly coming together :) I'm sick at the time, so I might be a little delayed, so as stated alliance should be done in a couple of days, and the horde should follow like a week after :)
  15. Soulds good mate - now im just waiting for the vanilla bot update - where it is possible to use it there.