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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello guys & girls - First of all, sorry for my English, it is not my 1 language. I have decided to put all my "Questing profile work" into 1 thread, to make it more manageable. - And because a lot of people have asked me for my other non released profiles. - and as I coulden't change anything in the other post _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ First of all we have the alliance questing profile (1-70) Price 10 euro Bot Quest Path: 1-6 Northshire valley, 6-12 Elwynn Forrest, 12-17 Westfall, 17-20 Redridge Mountains, 20-25 Duskwood, 25-32 Northern Strangelthorn Vale, 32-37 Hinterlands, 37-45 EPL / WPL, 45-48 Badlands, 48-50 Searing Gorge, 50-52 Burning Steppes, 52-55 Swamp of Sorrows, 55-60 Blasted lands + all outlands zones Futher more I have added some starting zones for other races aswell Drawf Gnome Night elf @ Credit to Eeny for helping with it, and to have made most of the outlands ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Next we have Horde (TBC version 2.4.3) Questing profiles (Look at the bot while running, as it is pretty buggy!!) Price 7.5 euro Blood elf starting area 1-10 (No trainers or anything added, but should do the quests) Tauren starting area 1-7 (Trainers and vendors + HS added in this profile) Troll and Orcs starting area 1-12 (No trainers or anything added, but should do the quests) Then the profile goes from 12-50(might a little lower) starting in the barrens Then outland is made from 60-70 (Should included all quest, but "only 1 hotspot") - and it is not propperly fixed yet IF you buy this profile then note that you can't click go and then just come back to the pc later and it have done alle the work. TBC is a lot harder than retail wow, so the bot will struggle with some quests if you don't have good enough gear, and fightclasses. So only get this product if you planning on sitting and watching the bot in the background, and "help" the bot where it struggles I have included some fightclasses, but i highly recommend you to create your own @ Thanks to iMod & Runaro for the outland part (The price will might rise, if I decided to go back and work more on them) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Last but not least I have Fight classes (for retail wow) Price 2.5 Euro - They are made from icy veins suggestions for the diffent classes - They are aimed for leveling (so you can run the 1-70 allience profile without trouble - They should work with Eeny horde profile as well) - They all work untill lvl 110 - but some of the artifact weapons might not work, as I simply don't have all toons at 100+ lvl ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other leveling profiles: - Blood Elf 1-5 I am planning to release more leveling profiles, most likly untill it is possible to start whatever class and race you desire, and run it to xxx lvl - Please send me a pm, if i can help you with something - i can't promisse i will do it, but i can take a look at it. - Note for the retail profile, i won't look at the 70-80 part before Droidz have updated the pathing in Nothren. - I will ONLY update this thread for now on, so if there are any updates they will be posted here And let's hope for a good 2017 botting year :)
  2. Nah im pretty sure i just wait for the spell cast and dont move
  3. Or simply set. Can cast while moving -> off
  4. The Talents should be set as ice-veins do :) But yeah use talent 1 luner inspiration and it should work much better :)
  5. Its in the editor
  6. People in here mostly makes their own stuff, that makes the bot more safe :) But if the bots get detected, then i wouldent be a diffent if you use hb or wro But if you just want a 1 click bot, then wrobot is not the bot for you, but if you want to create something and fit it to your needs, and be the only one running it, then wrobot is the way to go.
  7. "Me in combat" = flase "have target" = false ?
  8. There is one in the fightclass pack i made (included in the demo) You can use it if you want :)
  9. Then i guess you better find another bot for now - i belive eevy and mine as the one that takes you the longest way at the time - and thats to lvl 70 for ally
  10. [Free] Blood Elf Starting area

    Version 1.0.0


    Just helping out a friend with the Blood Elf startarea. The profiles Runs from 1-5 and will be part 1 of 3. Let me know if you spot a bug :-) Kind regards @Arcangelo
  11. Its pretty simple- if the bot got detected, they ban all the accounts that match the detected "profile" Leveling, rotation, grinding dosent matter
  12. Just open the file in file editor and delete spell "Ghost wolf" :) But will take a closer look into it :) And update it in next version
  13. That will only do it for the mount - ill need a code that also remove stealth, shapeshifting and everything - not just the mount - and it will needed to be removed for x amount of time
  14. it should found the error was an old file :p its fixed now and added the other warlock spec aswell as a bonus All good, it was clearly my mistake ^^
  15. Strange i think i might have uploaded the wrong profile then xD Will have a look tomorrow - and update the demo file to the right one - thanks for the info.