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  1. Works perfectly on my 4.3.4 private server too. Thanks your work :)
  2. It use "Fireball! talent and that you are not able to config the bot that is not my fault( It works perfectly for plenty of people and me too).
  3. Now the Fighclass is ready to test from 1-80.
  4. You have to config by advanced settings.
  5. Now I am working on better version that this one. It will be able to do perfect rotation and use best armor and food from lvl 1 to lvl 80.
  6. Version 2.0.0


    It is especially for leveling, but you can do it for everything. :) -Frost Armor- keeps this buff all the time -Arcane Intellect- keeps this buff all the time -able to make drink and food -use frost nova and Conce of cold to avoid hit of the mob. -Evocation to fast mana (hp if, it is talented) regen. I am waiting your feedback. Tom Frost 1-80.xml
  7. I try out grinder and I have found bug. Sometimes try to drink in combat or while he cast other spell. For example: [F] 17:59:51 - [Spell] Cast Conjure Water (Conjure Water) 17:59:51 - [Regen] Use food Conjured Pumpernickel 17:59:52 - [Regen] Use drink Conjured Spring Water But It works like charm, and this bot has better function than hb.
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