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  1. @Matenia Any chance you have something similar for horde? Thanks!
    Tested on Horde side with a lvl 51 Druid and stopped using it around hillsbrad after having several issues. Would not recommend. I tried to be lazy and assumed paying for this profile would mean that it would work flawlessly but it does not. Save your money and create a profile yourself like I'm having to do right now after purchasing this file :( Main profile didn't work at all and using the individual profiles provided works but the toon gets stuck in several parts of the map on top of skipping most of the herbs (this might actually not be related to the profile itself though but not sure). Hopefully the author will address the issues if he wants to keep this file up, or should at least just make it free since it's just not worth paying for.
  2. Yeah sorry that wasn't very clear, I just didn't really know how to explain. To summarize wanding on wrobot looks very bottish. I know this can be addressed since I noticed some of jasabi's fight classes have pretty good wand support fixing the issue I just mentioned so just wanted to make sure that was the case. Thanks!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is just a very simple profile to have Undead toons go from their start zone to the Orc / Troll starting zone (most quester profiles start from there) It will: Walk to Brill trying to avoid mobs Walk from Brill to the zep loading area Wait for the Orgr zep, then get in Get out of Zep after it's docked Walk to Orgr and set your hearth stone to Orgr (should be easy to remove this by just un-marking that step, but untested) Walk to Orc/Troll start zone To use it make sure to load as Quester profile and from the undead start zone, that should be it. Thanks to @Arcangelo for some of the Zep logic. ** Provided as is with no support, although feel free to give any suggestions. **
  4. How does it handle wands? Is it wonky at all where it stops and tries to auto attack as well? Does it cycle between attacking and not attacking mode while in combat?
  5. @colderpotato it would be awesome if you could share the profile instead of a screenshot :P
  6. Yes, it also worked fine before the latest update, this is a recent issue.
  7. @Droidz Having the same problem mentioned above can you look into it please? Started happening on latest update.
  8. Will try to test this today but if it works you are awesome sir! Thank you :)
  9. Any chance you can do that for orcs/trolls too? That would be pretty sweet, thanks for sharing btw.
  10. Nice, will give it a try, thanks for sharing!
  11. Any luck? I'm having the same issue and playing with latency did not help. Stopping and starting again works 100% of the time for dead mobs, but not after combat.
  12. It would be awesome if you could extend this to lvl 60. This is arguably better than the paid profiles I've seen so far, even works on TBC.
  13. Your mistake was thinking people actually read anything haha. Great job on this, pretty awesome for a free profile. My warrior is all the way to 45 now and only had to restart it a few times. Thanks for sharing!
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