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  1. Version 1.0.1


    Fully automated enh shaman profile to use while leveling in Cata. If you don't want to use mount there is an option to use ghost wolf through fight class. I have this because I use custom questing profiles and ignoring fights just leads to tons of deaths when going for objectives. Some features: Interrupts only if cast is interruptible and under 1 sec left in cast Heal out of combat until you have Healing Surge with Wave. Will then heal in combat when below half with surge. Pull with flame shock, will use earth shock if enemy has stormstrike debuff. Use maelstrom weapon on 1) Healing surge if lower than 70% life 2)Chain Lightning if fighting more than one mob 3)Lightning bolt Maintains lightning shield unless under 30% mana in which case it will maintain water shield until expired and above 30% mana (I don't use drink settings) Feral Spirits when pulling 4 or more or if the target is elite. Maintains Strength of Earth totem, will use Call of Elements at 30 to use all 4. I use SoE, Searing, Healing Stream and Windfury. MUST use SoE totem in call setup. Uses Primal Strike until Stormstrike is learned. Maintains weapon buffs, if you have an auto equip addon you maybe need to manually reset your weapon buffs when it equips new weapons. Fight class provided as is, doubt I make any changes. Just sharing what I personally used to level on a pserv. The AOE for a enh shaman is rather lackluster so be careful with multi-pull plugin, the bot will use Fire Nova and Chain Lightning but magma totem in my experience just dies from aggro. Glyphs used in order of importance: Lightning Shield, Lava Lash, Stormstrike, Ghost Wolf, Shocking
  2. If the auction bot buys all the auctions on the last page it continually goes to empty pages forever.
    Works great for melee. For casters it would be good if you could assign a target buff to start multi pull. That way for a lock you could have it multipull after it has your dots on it.
  3. So now my battlegrounder will not listen to paths. It also struggles to engage enemies at all. Things it will randomly do instead 1)run off in one direction non stop 2)run to enemy spawn then try to run back 3)go to the point I have to guard on AB but then randomly run off in one direction 4)walk back and forth for a while then run in one direction 5) one time it wouldn't even wait for respawn and tried running around as a ghost I have reinstalled wrobot 3 times and have deleted the data folder more than that. 28 Nov 2017 09H59.log.html
  4. Can it be changed so the bot will prioritize NPCs in the grinder profile over any other vendor? If you are farming on the edge of a zone it can have you take a very long way even if the profile vendor would be less than half the time. Also when I have an interrupt set to "Target in Cast" set to true it will interrupt the first time but then cast the interrupt on every C/D there after whether that target is in cast or not. Also "Target Casting Time Left" with 500 (so .5 sec left) doesn't seem to work at all.
  5. @Lbniese @Droidz This is what happens when I use your profile lbniese: https://streamable.com/5b7eo This is the log:
  6. Rogue - Combat.xml It doesn't matter what FC I use, I have used ones from the site and its the same.
  7. So on a melee class with no ranged abilities this is what my log does for about 90% of fights: 08:52:59 - [Fight] Player Attack Mottled Screecher (lvl 24) [D] 08:53:07 - [Fight] Player attacked by other unit, skip this fight. 08:53:07 - [Fight] Player attack before being attacked by Mottled Screecher (lvl 24) [D] 08:53:07 - [Fight] Player attacked by other unit, skip this fight. [D] 08:53:07 - [Fight] BlackList Mottled Screecher during 60 sec 08:53:07 - [Fight] Player attack before being attacked by Mottled Screecher (lvl 24) This isn't a problem until you want to use stealth in which case the bot never actually fights unless detected and never uses openers from stealth. To be clear the bot approches the mob, stops and waits to be engaged on. If it isn't then it turns and finds a new mob. What you see above is what happens when the mob it approaches attacks the bot.
  8. So, a lot of times it is stealth, goes within 10 of the target then picks another target.
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