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  1. I brought the idea up to @Droidz as well to possibly implement a way to customize key binds to change from one WRobot module to another. IE: If I hit Shift+Alt+F to start Fishing Bot. Or maybe Shift+Alt+R to run WRotation bot. It would save a ton of time having to Alt+Tab every time I wanted to make minor changes based on my current needs in-game.
  2. Project Aurora is not too bad, although low pop and still needs quite a bit of bug fixes.
  3. Here's what I use to check attackers in range: public static int GetAttackerCountInRange(float yards) { int EnemyCountInRange = ObjectManager.GetUnitAttackPlayer().Count(t => t.IsAlive && t.IsValid && t.IsAttackable && t.InCombat && t.GetDistance <= yards); if (EnemyCountInRange > 0) { Logging.WriteDebug($"Enemy attacking count = {EnemyCountInRange}"); return EnemyCountInRange; } return 0; }
  4. I have played Warmane on and off for a long time now and was never caught.. I cannot speak for other people's experiences though.
  5. Hey, I have a few recommendations if you like Wrath 3.3.5... Warmane - Icecrown (Very packed server with long queue times to login) - Warmane - Lordaeron Wow-mania
  6. This has been long awaited for! Thank you everyone for your dedicated work towards the project!
  7. Athyx

    Happy New Year 2021

    Happy new year @Droidz! Thank you!
  8. Perfect! Thank you very much, I will try this out soon.
  9. I was surfing the forums, and Google for about 20 minutes looking for anything to help me figure this out. I am writing a fight class using C#, and Lua. For the first time I ran into a problem where the combatants I was fighting with were immune to my "Devouring Plague" and was left wasting mana, because each mob was immune to diseases. Is there anything to catch such a thing? Thank you! Edit* Mob entity: https://wotlkdb.com/?npc=32400 There's no real information regarding immunizes.
  10. My experience with a quick custom profile to fish the rivers of Howling Fjord. Fisherbot Profile: Apexx_HowlingFjord_Rivers.xml Log File: Pastebin
  11. Not at the moment, but this might be a plugin feature in the near future.......
  12. @maukor I have never tested this for tbc. I may rework this plug-in in the near future.
  13. In Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Other tab, make sure to match your in game latency. This may or may not help. If that doesn't fix it, it sounds like an issue inside the selected Fight Classes.
  14. But.. if anyone needed code for this: Boolean method: internal static bool PlayerKnowShadowWeaving() { return Lua.LuaDoString<bool>(@" local numTabs = GetNumTalentTabs(); for t=1, numTabs do local numTalents = GetNumTalents(t); for i = 1, numTalents do nameTalent, _, _, _, currRank, _ = GetTalentInfo(t, i); if nameTalent == 'Shadow Weaving' and currRank > 0 then return true; end end end" ); } Usage: // Shadow Word: Pain- Only if player
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