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  1. Hello everyone, I am using Wrobot for about 2 months but today suddenly this error appeared when I tried to launch wrobot. Someone can help me pls ? I've checked the license key and its ok. Any ideas ?
  2. Getting constantly banned on Icecrown, Angrathar and Dragonblight servers. I mean not instantly but around 77-80 lvl.
  3. Hey folks, I am learning how to make fightclasses. I made my own couple of files already and they are working but I am wonder... How can I use fightclasses with .dll ?? Wrobot didnt see this files.
  4. How can we handle with something like this ?
  5. what lvl do you have ? I'm 44 for now and still good. But from what I heard, the worst part is Outland.
  6. I am new in wrobot and I dont rly know what you mean. My wow was always on top on the second monitor but I dont know nothing about bphook setup.
  7. Hey, Got my 4 accounts banned today with security options on for stopping bot if player detected on 500yd after 1sec. 62 lvl shaman and 80 lvl mage on Angrathar 42 lvl druid and 14 lvl shaman on Dragonblight. All accounts on different proxys. Any thoughts why it goes so wrong ? Cheers!
  8. What profile you used ? Are you sitting near your bot or totally away ? More details pls 😄
  9. I forget to write that I was asking about patch 2.4.3 and 3.3.5 without heirlooms.
  10. I thought you had some specific examples but I know what you mean.
  11. Hello folks, I am curious about your experience and impressions. It has always been clear to me that self-healer classes are the best. But which class is best from the best ? Druid - good for later gathering (because of flight form) but 1-20 lvls (especially 1-10) usually became a problem. Paladin - weapon dependent and with most questing profiles BE (horde) zone are not avaible. Ench Shaman - weapon dependent too but I have never tried it. Priest - weak damage at low lvls makes this class rly slow. Warlock maybe? Let me know what are your opinions! 😉
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