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[Free] Project Wholesome - TBC AIO – 9 FightClasses in one file (1-70) - Please read the description carefully 1

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About This File


Hi guys. I’m proud to present to you my All-In-One TBC FightClasses. 11 classes are included in one single file:

  • Beast Master Hunter
  • Retribution Paladin
  • Frost Mage
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Elemental Shaman
  • Fury Warrior
  • Feral Druid
  • Affliction Warlock
  • Demonology Warlock
  • Shadow Priest
  • Combat Rogue

This file only works with the English client of the game. It is meant for leveling/grinding purpose (1-70). I do not recommend you use them for dungeons/raids or PvP. They are designed around smooth grinding, prioritizing combat uptime over high DPS. Please read their description carefully before using them.

All racial spells are now included.



This AIO is free to use and share, although I have set up a Paypal donation link in case you are happy with my work and want to encourage me via a donation.



Project Wholesome – A quick word


The goal of Project Wholesome is to develop, test, and freely share wRobot products. All the code created under the project is transparent, open-source, and then released in the store for free. Nothing released under Project Wholesome is sold for profit, although individual donations are welcome. We are always looking for more testers and developers. If you want to participate, please join our Discord channel.

Project Wholesome Discord: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6


How to install

Copy the .dll file into your FightClass folder, and then select it in the General Settings tab of wRobot. The AIO will automatically detect your class and launch the appropriate Rotation. If the FC supports multiple specializations of your class, don't forget to choose your spec in the settings under the "Talents" tab.


Automatic Talent Assignation

This AIO Fight Class can automatically assign talents. The option is deactivated by default. It must be manually activated in the settings. Each class comes with a default recommended talent build. If you use the recommended build, Make sure to reset your talents in the game beforehand in case of mismatch. Talent checks will be done at the start of the Fight Class, and then every 5 minutes.

You also have the option to input your own talent build. In order to do so, please use http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/ and then copy the code that comes after the URL once your build is done. Talents will be learned in order from left to right. Therefore, several talent codes can be set in the settings for sequential learning.



This FC comes with an autoupdater. Every time you press play, it will check if a new version is available. If it finds one, it automatically installs it and restarts.


Ui-charactercreate-classes_hunter.png.98381428d987e5a88918b4962298e242.png  Hunter (Beast Master)


  • Keeps your pet fed and happy (Must be food from vendor)
  • Will fight in melee when out of arrows
  • Uses a mana saving rotation for maximum combat uptime
  • Backs up from melee if the pet takes back aggro (CTM of Keyboard)
  • Will switch between different aspects depending on the situation
  • Calls/Revives/Mends pet
  • Feigns death in the most dire situation
  • Uses freezing trap on multi aggro (WIP)
  • Uses Disengage


The hunter is a weak class before level 10. Once you get your pet, it becomes unstoppable. Complete your pet quest as soon as you hit level 10. Get yourself a large Quiver/Ammo pouch. Make sure you always have food for your pet. Meat from vendors usually works best. Be aware that the pet will not attack if it is in the process of eating.

Recommended settings:

General Settings:

  • Attack before being attacked : ON (will help restarting fight against trap-frozen enemy)



Ui-charactercreate-classes_paladin.png.b624be447056dbbdc1a0d73769c7ea61.png  Paladin (Retribution)


  • Uses a different rotation depending on your mana situation
  • Can keep you healed up between fights to lower food consumption
  • Purifies/Cleanses poisons, diseases and magic debuffs
  • Uses Lay on Hands in the most dire situation
  • Switches between appropriate seals
  • Uses Rank 1 Seal of Command on low mana


The Retribution paladin is a safe class for leveling, but it’s also not the fastest. He is largely gear dependent. Getting yourself a good 2H weapon should be your number one priority.



Ui-charactercreate-classes_mage.png.e8dd8557ee168d8759f1b1f037dcbfe3.png  Mage (Frost)


  • Backs up from melee when the target is frozen
  • Creates best available food and drinks (will always make sure you have at least 10 of each)
  • Uses wand under a set enemy HP threshold
  • Keeps your buffs up
  • Uses mana stones
  • Uses evocation
  • Removes curses
  • Uses a set of high CD spells on multi aggro
  • Uses Ice Lance once available
  • Blinks when backing up from target
  • Uses Mana Shield
  • Sheeps additional enemies (Beta)


I recommend you disable the MoveDuringCombat plugin, in case you have it installed. It has been reported to interfere with the backup movement.

Get yourself a wand as soon as possible for best performances. The Frost Mage is among the slowest classes for leveling. Not because it lacks DPS, but because it will be drinking every 2-3 fights. On the bright side, Food and Drinks are free. Your gear will strongly affect your performance. A larger mana pool will greatly increase its sustenance when grinding. Make sure you automate selling your items so you don’t end up lacking room to conjure your food.



Ui-charactercreate-classes_shaman.png.62c10a3b0a1410a4f87ff479b2ba6be9.png  Shaman (Enhancement, Elemental)


  • Smart totems management and recall
  • Uses Ghost Wolf
  • Smart pulls
  • Out of combat healing
  • Interrupts casters using Earth Shock
  • Cures poisons and diseases
  • Keeps your weapons enchants up
  • Can frost shock low HP humanoids


EnhancementThe Enhancement Shaman is a very strong leveling class, especially once you get the WindFury enchant for your weapons. Do not hesitate to make use of all the totems, they greatly increase your performance and are smartly managed by the Fight Class. It is recommended to use 2x 1 hand weapons. Take some time to carefully craft your rotation using the settings. For example, using Lightning Shield will greatly increase your DPS, but will also largely increase your mana consumption.

Elemental: Almost a meme spec. The Elemental Shaman can be efficient but requires good gear. It's very mana hungry, so a larger mana pool will help you. 



Ui-charactercreate-classes_warrior.png.b743566175d7519c7e0339a76d6c7cd0.png  Warrior (Fury)


  • Smart pulls. Will only charge in when no enemies are around the target. Otherwise, uses a range weapon to pull the enemy in
  • Keeps shouts up
  • Uses the appropriate stance depending on the situation
  • Interrupts casters using Pummel (Prioritizes Berserker stance against casters)
  • Makes use of all available skills in the right situation
  • Smart use of AoE skills. For example, will not use Demoralizing Shout if a neutral enemy is too close, in order to avoid engaging it


The Fury Warrior can be a strong leveling class with the appropriate gear. Good weapons, Stamina and Strength should be your priority. 2x 1Hand are recommended. Get yourself a ranged weapon as soon as possible. A Thrown weapon is recommended over a bow or a gun, so you don’t need to buy ammunition.



Ui-charactercreate-classes_druid.png.775e35bc9374eb48903c581bee45d1e5.png  Druid (Feral)


  • Moves behind the target when prowling or pouncing
  • Out of combat healing
  • Removes curses and poisons
  • Keeps buffs up
  • Uses all appropriate feral forms depending on the situation (Bear/Cat/Travel)
  • Smart pulls. Will only approach when no enemies are around the target. Otherwise, uses a range spell to pull the enemy in
  • Uses a different rotation depending on the feral form used
  • Calculates which healing spell rotation to use during combat in order to make sure you have enough mana to get back to your animal form afterwards


The Druid is a difficult class up until level 10. Once you get your Bear form, things go much smoother and quicker. You are not strongly gear dependant. Stamina and Agility should be your priority. Make sure you improve your stealth and your cat speed in your talent tree. Your healing spells will keep you healed up between fights, so you will mostly need drinks.



Ui-charactercreate-classes_warlock.png.441b35500e9191e13265d9c3c9e3d502.png  Warlock (Affliction, Demonology)


  • Takes smart control of your pet
  • Make sure you always have your pet by your sides. Will force regeneration if you can’t summon due to lack of mana
  • Uses a combination of Life Tap, Health Funnel, Dark Pact and Drain Life to keep you grinding as long as possible
  • Keeps your buffs up
  • Uses Health Stone
  • Uses Soul Stone (not reviving yet, WIP)
  • Uses wand
  • Manages multiple enemies and fear on multi aggro
  • Makes sure you always have at least a set amount of Soul Shards in your bags at all time
  • Reacts to Shadow Trance


The Warlock is an excellent grinder with formidable survivability. Stamina and Intellect are both paramount stats. Getting yourself a wand as soon as possible should also be your priority. How you set your Food/Drink threshold defines how risky the class will play. If you find the bot putting itself in dangerous situations too often, raise the Food/Drink threshold. Make sure to take some time to craft your rotation using the options depending on your level, gear and spot difficulty.



Ui-charactercreate-classes_priest.png.33fbed6b2c6c7ba637fa5efc8ea22543.png  Priest (Shadow)


  • Uses wand
  • Cures diseases, dispels magic
  • Out of combat healing
  • Keeps your buffs up
  • Silences casters


The Shadow Priest is a powerful leveler and grinder with very few downsides. He is not too gear dependent, although getting a wand as soon as possible should be a priority. It is recommended to take some time to adjust your rotation using the settings in order to improve its performance.



Ui-charactercreate-classes_rogue.png.096933e79fdc856eb1ca9cdcd8632a3a.png Rogue (Combat)


  • Uses Stealth
  • Uses appropriate opening
  • Smart pulls. Will only approach when no enemies are around the target. Otherwise, uses a range weapon to pull the enemy
  • Interrupts caster
  • Uses and refreshes weapon poisons
  • Uses High CDs on multi aggro
  • Ripostes against humanoids or all enemies (see settings)
  • Will detect the type of weapon you have in your main hand and choose skills accordingly
  • The default talent build for this class specializes in Swords
  • Can Blind + Bandages during combat (Garrote should be off, and weapons poisons should all be instant)


The combat Rogue, despite his high DPS, is among the hardest classes to level. He is very gear dependent. You should always try to get him good weapons and equipment. Using bandages and poisons appropriately will help you in the long run. The weapon you'll specialize in is up to your personal preference.



Special thanks

Special thanks to the entire Wholesome team for their help and feedback, in particular:

@Marsbar for the launcher

@Talamin for his support and help

@Kamogli, @Energia and @g2bazman for their great testing and feedback




What's New in Version 1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

User Feedback

You may only provide a review once you have downloaded the file.


   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Insane work by Zer0 and the guys from wholesome discord. This AIO gets you up in running for any class you wish to play in TBC in no time. Each class was designed to offer a seamless level experience and that's what Zer0 has achieved - for FREE. I got only positive things to say about the paid FCs there are for TBC, but this AIO costs you absolutely nothing and still brings great quality to the table. On top of that, Zer0 is a great guy who always takes feedback and works on improvements fast. You're all invited to take one of these to town and provide feedback in the wholesome discord: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

awesome FC pack, but please add option for disable using  bear form

Response from the author:

A new version has just been released. You can now choose to disable Bear Form on multi aggro entirely, and if enabled, you can set the number of attackers for activation.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

used on lock,mage,pala. Dev has clearly spent alot of time and effort, and it shows. deserves a donation or two thats for sure! 10/10

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Ok, I delayed writing a comment here for a long time but finally this time has come! 
Primarily I want to thanks @Zer0 @Talamin @Marsbar @Kamogli for giving me a chance to join the Wholesome team. We are helping each other and cooperating on many wRobot levels for a long time. After that time with a clear conscience I can give this product 5/5 stars.

Why ? Here we go :
- Continuous development of all classes FOR FREE
- All in one file. Very handy.
- Many different specs
- Tested myself MANY different classes and @Zer0 always reacted to my (and not only my) feedback very quickly and definitely
- Epic UI and a large range of settings that everyone can operate according to their own preferences
- These are just best fight classes on the market!

Keep it up Zero and your product will be one of the most famous on this forum - I am sure!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Came back after 1 year break and damn, these guys made using Wrobot 10 times better/easier. Great product, easy and fast to get up and running, easy to customize,...what else can i say. Best FC there is and what makes it even better...ITS FREE.

Support and updates are also incredible. Fast help if u have questions and if u have any idea about how u think something could be even better or fitting to your needs just tell it on discord and it gets implemented very fast or u get a reply telling u why its not a good idea.


What are u still here readin this btw, GO AND DOWNLOAD IT NOW

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Great fight classes, quick fixes, adding features on demand (recent additions of bear settings, aquatic form in water, etc.)

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Of all the ones I've tried, by far the best routine. Unfortunately no mortal strike (warrior) support. That would also be mine please. A simple option to use Mortal Strike instead of Bloodthirst. I currently use the routine as an MS warrior and use Heroic Strike. Still better than the other routines I've tried. The second best, which also supports MS, simply loses far too much DPS due to stance dancing.  I think as soon as I have a set of acceptable one-handed weapons I will go over to Fury. The routine is just too good to say no

Greetings from Germany. I hope everything was understandable

Response from the author:

Hi, and thanks for the review. The reason the FC is not using MS is because it's Fury only. I don't intend to implement Arms spec in the future, so I would advise you switch to Fury.

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