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  1. Tom Frost Mage (WOTLK)

    nice work for me work this cc first with one bug he cast 10+ frost shield if i start wrobot i delet this in the your cc and its work very nice thx 4 this great work
  2. Butler - equip better items, food and drink

    nice work thx
  3. RAF WOTLK 3.3.5a dont fallow

    change Perhaps it is at the loop which checked the dead mop and not the tank?!
  4. RAF WOTLK 3.3.5a dont fallow

    Hi, i would like to level my char by dungeon (dungeonbrowser). If i go into ankahet/violet/azjol and other dungeons with my chars, the follower char (Party/RAF) start and kill the first group and then he stand around and do nothing else. If i stop the bot and start it again he kill one group and then he is standing around again and so on. I think when i start the bot he finds the tank (100% life) and looks which group he attacks - the fight begins and my char attacks the same group and then he dont look if the tank is living, he looks if monster are dead and he become "false/0" back and stand around and do nothing. he don´t switch to the tank and check if he is living, he check if the mops/enemys are alive/dead thats not correct and my raf char stands arround and do nothing. Perhaps it is at the loop which checked the dead mop and not the follower?!
  5. Bot didn't see mana in Bear form

    i have the same 3.3.5a wotlk