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  1. Correct- however i heard blizz did end up scaling lvl 110 to your Ilvl with 7.2. People on forums were QQ'ing because mobs total health would change depending on what gear they had equipped. however lvl 101 mobs stay the same regardless of Ilvl. In this case my hunter below can kill mobs in 1-2 shots. Its incredibly efficient skinning / herb. However any epics that drop are Ilvl 759 and cant really be sold for anything significant. Also cant farm any lvl 110 content. All in all, its not bad for a skinner bot in azsuna, horrible if you want to farm SLR or something like that.
  2. Updated Pull the file from or PM me with the transaction info and I will msg you out an updated copy.
  3. I just don't know how i can state this any clearer in the profile information.... This. is. a. QUEST. profile. Load it as such.
  4. You need to point re logger not to wrobot.exe... but the dummy executable. Its random for each install i believe- mines called GoRpQEtFH.exe
  5. Take it up with @Droidz via PM... Your just going to get mocked here. 99% chance you had wrong settings / bad fight class... I say this because i use a Druid bot to heal my 5 mans sometimes and it works a damn charm. However if you are trying to heal LFD with an AFK bot healer- maybe getting a refund will just save your account from the imminent ban you were about to receive from player reports.
  6. chances are the profile creators (myself included) do not have flying yet. so all the 'follow paths" or pulse points in the profiles will be on the ground. So the bot will always be touching the pulse points on the ground. If you want to use flying just re-create the profile with you flying around so the pulse points are up in the sky.
  7. If your pet is dismissed, this macro will call it. If your pet is called and happy, this macro will dismiss it. If your pet is called and unhappy, this macro will feed it the item in the bottom left corner of your backpack. If your pet's dead, it'll be revived. You can change the bagslot this macro checks for food in by changing the "PickupContainerItem(0, 13)" part. The bags count from 0-4, starting from the Backpack, so 0, 13 there means the 13th slot in the backpack. You can change the happiness values (GetPetHappiness()~=3 to GetPetHappiness()~=4) so it will never dismiss pet when its happy and the macro is touched. Tinker with this macro as you see fit
  8. to do this i use the "loadprofile" pulse... and just point it to the same profile thats running.
  9. Everything you have mentioned here is a setting in the advanced options.... I recommend you check them over once again to make sure they are correct- aka sell greens, keep specific items, ignore fights in travel form etc. if you still have an issue we will need the log file from the Bot session, it will tell us what your settings are and If the bot has a problem selling items / fighting mobs it will be proof for review. tks
    Worth it! Helps so much, Actually enables FULL AFK botting.
  10. Didn't Driodz do something where the range of the fight class needed to be > 15?25? to stop auto-attack. change that for a start. Thats my profile for Vanilla- works OK priest.xml
  11. With the exception of automated Ah sniping - Anyone that can say they make 100K PROFIT an hour is likely full of it...More-so if they are 100% AFK botting. That or they are making 20K in 12 minutes and saying " ... at this rate its 100k / hour OMG SO GOOD GUYZ!!" . Either way 100K / hour is unlikely to be sustainable for hours on end as the market you are selling into will likely get saturated. I still think botting with gathering profs is still the best for gold/hour. My bots are mainly leather / herb farmers that run at 6-7K an hour and at the moment i run them 7-10 hours a day. so im just above your 40K mark you think it a little low. Majority of the mats i have go through a bank alt account and onto the AH. I do have a handful of AH goblins who take bulk leather off my hands directly at 85% market price ( which means i dont show up on the AH with is nice). At this point i have been running the same 5 accs since november last year. Craft profession skills are nice- but at that point you are actually playing the game and not botting. I know a lot of the Ah goblins i sell to take my mats to directly flip then into Oblit / Enchanting shards at a reasonable margin. however that's hard to automate, im much happier to have my bots not making top dollar, but being reliable income which is easy to manage. The better question is: if you DONT do gathering... how are you going to make the big money you are after in this game with botting? I do RMT. my gold buyer is paying $0.06/ K on most of my servers which means on average each bot is pulling in US $0.40 /Hour. All up $2 / hour... After i pay my power bill i am left with some free magical internet money, certainly not going to be quitting my day job tho.
  12. It looks like you got this working... but that error means your loading a Quest profile in grinder mode- that wont work. Also- Bumping after an hour?? lmao
  13. Uhhh.. if you open the quest editor with the wrobot client open... go tools > helper tools > dump quest ID's... it will take 2-3 sec but all the quests in your log should be there.
  14. Just enable Skin / gather / mine mobs in the general settings tab.