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  1. WRobot Unlimited Subscription (2 reviews) 39.99 EUR and 39.99 EUR per year Gives you an access to WRobot and all its products, unlimited WRobot session on the same network (ip). - WRobot's Unlimited Session subscription entitles you to run as many WRobot Sessions as your computer is able to (restricted to one public IP address (internet ip)). You may Bot as many characters at one time as long as its the same public facing IP if its your mate from his house and you from your's you will have different public IP's... you will kick each other off
  2. Version 1.0.0


    just a simple profile mainly for combat rogue's. Will start using rupture at 3 combo points and eviscerate aftre that. does not stealth!!
  3. Updated 27th Feb to reflect recent pathing changes + added some quests to change the both path for you detection concerned folks. Send me a PM with email / sellfy recipt and i will fwd you a link to the new files.
  4. Shameless google translate- Selon le profil de whos vous l'utilisez probablement le mien ou Archangelos alors oui - son profil. Nous avons mis le run-code au début du profil pour vendre auto vert. Si vous ouvrez le xml dans un éditeur de texte & # xD; & # xA; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SellGray = true; & # xD; & # xA; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SellWhite = true; & # xD; & # xA; wManager.wManagerSetting. CurrentSetting.SellGreen = true; & # xD; & # xA; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SellBlue = true; run-code pour faire la vente bot ... le changer comme bon vous semble.
  5. if you are using the demo version thats understandable(as it says on the profile description which you prob didnt read that its 1-20)- where is he standing? got a log? above you cropped the top bit out which says what profile your loading
  6. Lol... Read the description... Install the quick quest add on... That's literally it's job
  7. Version 1.0.0


    1-13 quester for tauren- built on elysium wow. Nothing Fancy- havnt even added trainers. You should seriously consider getting a lvl 5-7 green weapon from the Ah and sending it as you make the character. makes things a lot smoother later on. Skinning / LW'ing cleans up here. if you are babysitting the bot train them early and you will be set. If you have any optimisations let me know
  8. Way to turn if off is to change the food% to 1... pretty much means to bot will pull till it dies tho.
  9. was using it on my 100 feral a few weeks ago- still able to pull ~700 raw gold from drops... more if you factor in and auction Volatile fires
  10. new version has had solid reports- got a log file?
  11. doesnt work with vanilla! - legion only!
  12. In grinder mode the bot will search nearby mobs for their ID's. if your profile is set for kill / interact with that NPC-ID, the bot will bee-line to the mob. in this case it sounds like its bee-lining through lava. Try using just a follow path and rely on the mobs aggro'ing to you. the in general setting turn on "Skin / mine / gather mobs". that should get you out of the lava and collecting ore. You will find with this bot (and botting in general) while some spots would be amazing gold mines to farm, its probably better to pick a safer spot with less chance for the bot to run into a pitfall / lava. Less deaths, less repair bill, more nodes / hour.
  13. Looks like the profile has a spot which is in the sky... Look at the Z axis co-ords- 7 yards above. Maybe you jumped while recordig the path. Open the profile in a notepad and remove the lines of co-ordinates that are near the below numbers. Current pos: 2025,796 ; 4856,171 ; 142,6837 Target pos: 2031,888 ; 4845,201 ; 149,1233
  14. You need to be logged into an account with an active subscription to download profiles.
  15. Whelp... someone at blizz certainly changed the vectors of this instance... New version PM'd and uploaded to -- let me know if you hit any issues