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  1. Chances are he completed the quest outside of Wrobot.. so it hasn't marked the quest as complete so its attempting to pick it up. Fix by finding what step the bot is attempting, then go to product settings > profile settings (enable / disable steps) and just tick off what the bot it attempting to complete.
  2. Agree here- never seen one or got one to work outside of a quester. Grind may get the profile to run it once, quester will let you reset and generally has more structure.
  3. nope, all my profiles are written in the profile editor. you can load and modify it there.
  4. there is no framework for buying ammo within wrobot. I made a quester which directs the bot on what to do dependant on how many arrorws it has in its bags as a workaround. The profile is for alliance 10-30 that starts in Elwynn. Its a grind pulse with an iscomplete condition dependant on having less than 200 arrows. once thats competed the next pulse is an interact with NPC with a buy LUA code to buy more arrows. the NPC is a specific arrow vendor. The quests's complete condition is arrows > 800. once that quest is done it reloads the profile and the bot goes back to grinding till it has <200 arrows. Depending on what level you are will determine what grind spot you will get pulse'd to and i think this profile only works with the lvl 10 arrows. Hunter_ammo_grind.xml modify it how you see fit.
  5. Or try the "shoot" fightclass. ShootVanilla.xml
  6. My hunter just had a trip to GM island... and we can imagine how that went down, the GM- honestly had the question " why did you melee on your hunter..." didn't have the guts to say... "eh it bugs out kinda at range". Hunters done, im sticking to rogues / shamans / paladins / warrior.
  7. @Beltic paste you session log file here please- 1 star on a free profile is pretty poor without notice or offer to make it better/ diagnose EDIT- i bet your using the 35-45 profile... that starts with Shadow priestess vandis. Still upload it, i need a lol.
  8. @Droidz - this looks horrific in-game and is going to get people reported / banned. Its got to the point where i changed the fight class range so im sending my hunter in to melee to avoid the constant weapon swaps when attacking at range. Can we please have a method to stop the bot auto attacking while at range. i know you updated mid February saying the bot wont auto atack unless within 15 yards, however this is still occurring in vanilla. can we please have a way to disable auto attack getting sent to the bot at all.
  9. Tried the move in combat plug-in? Depending on class it may be a band aid fix
  10. come one man... you smarter than that!... load it as a QUEST profile.
  11. upload a copy of your fight class Edit: make sure the spells are on your actionbar too
  12. im using it on vanilla right now. battlenet account- is just the username you would use to log in normally... leaving the default "WoW1" account name works for me.
  13. log file... we cant tell you anything without the session log file