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[Paid][Alliance][Quest] FNV316 1-45 Quester Profile Pack 3.2.1

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About This File

FNV316 Vanilla Alliance Quester 1-45

Note: This is a BETA version and still under development. Due to this and the extent of this project, it's still likely to contain bugs or even create new bugs, when releasing new updates. So if something isn't working as intended, just message me and tell me what's wrong. I try to provide a solution as soon as possible.

You can find video footage of this profile pack below. A demo version has already been released a couple of months ago, which you can find here. The 45-60 part is currently work in progress and planned to be released in July / August. There will also be an overall overhaul of the 1-40 path in that time, to fit to all the new stuff added over time and make the profiles more efficient.

It tries to simulate a natural way of questing, as a human would, changing zones frequently and coming back later. The general path the profile follows is close to how I myself have played my characters in Vanilla / TBC  / WotLk.

This profile pack has been recorded and tested on Eylsium / Light's Hope!



-A fight class that is able to deal with at least two enemies at once
-Default range pull for any class besides Paladin
-Update your characters gear / spells / skills frequently, especially if playing Warrior & Rogue
-An advanced C# fight class for botting with Warrior, Rogue and Mage


-Full 1-45 leveling by questing (with minor grinding parts) Note: Profiles above level 40 contain more and longer grinding parts, due to overall lack of quests. The majority of exp is nevertheless earned by questing
-Night Elf start (1-11)
-Dwarf / Gnome start (1-6)
-Hunter pet quests
-Warlock pets Imp / Voidwalker
-Druid bear form quest - (alpha state)
-Rogue poison quest (code by Matenia, all credit to him) - (alpha state)
-Warrior Deffensive / Berserker Stance quest chains - (alpha state)
-Full Stalvan quest chain, Raene's Cleansing (until you receive Dartol's Rod of Transformation )

-Automated boats
-Automated abandoning of quests (still some quests missing, but you shouldn't have to make room yourself)
-Automatically equips and buys - if necessary - up to 4 default 6 slot bags
-Scripted Hearthstone
-Fully scripted taxi (you can use inbuilt taxi nevertheless, but it can cause issues)
-Automated discovery of any necessary flight paths
-Automated item blacklist
-Automated purchase of white vendor items at lower levels

-A huge amount of custom routes, whenever it's necessary
-(two basic fight classes for Paladin & Priest, that I used for testing)

What has not been implemented, but will be in the future:

-Flexile Taxi & Boats*
-Further loading time optimization

*For example: Your bot was doing quests in Desolace (Kalimdor), but you decided to use your Hearthstone to Stormwind (Eastern Kingdoms). The improved version shall bring you back to Desolace from Stormwind (from any zone, to any zone), without further player input needed.

What will maybe be implemented:

-Other class quests (Rogue poison, Warrior stance) Implemented

Approximate run time (1-40):  5 days /played

Starting points (!That might change with upcoming updates!):

-Level 1 (obviously)

-Level 18+ (if you haven't done any quests in Redridge, Darkshire & Wetlands so far)

-Level 30+ (if you haven't done any quests in Hillsbrad, Stranglethorn, Ashenvale & Desolace so far)

Note: It doesn't mean that doing any quests there breaks the profile. Most of the time it's just going to skip some steps / routes, what can lead to a chain reaction. F.e. it misses discovering of an important taxi node, it wants to travel to later on, and you get stuck on the flight master. Or running through an area with a high density of enemies, the bot would travel on a designated path otherwise. For best experience, start with a fresh character!

Class performance (1-5):

    Best                              Used Fight Class:
    Warlock*        4,5          eeny's Demon Affliction FC (free)
    Paladin           4             Self written fight class FCE** (included) / Matenia's Retribution Paladin 1-60
    Hunter*          4             Ordush's Beast Mastery Hunter (paid) / eeny's Hunter 1-60 BETA (free)
    Priest             3,5           Self written fight class FCE** (included) / Matenia's Shadowpriest 1-60 (paid)
    Druid              3,5           Matenia's [PAID] Feral Druid 1-60 (paid)
    Rogue            2,5           Matenia's [BETA][Vanilla] Combat Rogue 1-60 (paid)
    Mage              2             Matenia's Frost Mage FC (paid)
    Warrior          1,5           Lbniese Warrior - Wrobot Arms & Fury Fightclass (paid)

   *After they got their lvl 10 pet  **Fight Class Editor


                   -Buy-                        -Discord- 


Alpha state: Not fully tested or only run a few times. Bugs and issues are likely to occur

Beta state: Tested and worked on live server repeatedly . Lower chance to experience bugs / issues, but not tested within a larger audience / under any possible condition so far


Recommended Plugins:

-WhatsGoingOn (free) - status frame to see what the bot is doing right now

-HumanMasterPlugin (paid) - many amazing and handy features, that overall improve wRobot

-iEquip (paid) - automatically equips new / better items


Special thanks to @Matenia for testing, general advice and providing me a free copy of his Mage Fight Class!

Thanks to @penumbra & @Greens420 for their frequent feedback and bug reporting!


I am the sole creator and owner of these files and I am not associated with the wRobot company in any way.


Preview Video Loch Modan 13-17

It consists of ~3 hours of the first half of Loch Modan between the grinding parts of my free 1-18 profile. Taxi (take taxi, get taxi node) is fully scripted, so that the automated taxi won't cause any trouble.

Total deaths: 5

Used plugins: iEquip (automatically equips better items)



Dustwallow Marsh preview ~37-38:

 2,5 hours of video material

Total deaths: 13 (most of them due to drowning)

Used plugins: None, besides WhatsGoingOn (status frame)



What's New in Version 3.2.1   See changelog



-Fixed a false route complete condition in Booty Bay #Thanks to Kapoow for reporting
-Added OffmeshConnections for the main gate of Booty Bay, to avoid getting stuck #Thanks to Kapoow for reporting
-Reworked Route Stonetalon to Ratchet, uses a modified path to avoid guards and death #Thanks to Payyn for suggesting

-Reworked OffmeshConnections in and around Booty Bay in all profiles. It should now be possible for the bot to get back into Booty Bay, even when falling down and getting stuck


User Feedback

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This has so far been the best leveling experiencing I've had in vanilla. The amount of automation that has been provided in this profile is worth more than the amount the owner is asking for.  The owner is also providing daily updates to the product. This is a must have!  Fantastic job!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This is a great product and worth every cent. @FNV316 has come a long way since joining this community and his profiles have improved vastly since he first came out with the free version.
On top of that, the profile is constantly being worked on and improved. When I beta tested about 4 months ago, things were still wonky and I was very skeptical - because it still contained a lot of grinding too. 

Since then, many quests have been added, the order has been re-arranged to make leveling smoother and many paths have been added. The bot automatically switches continents and zones, uses custom paths to avoid chain dying.
Recently he added code too automatically abandon quests the bot picked up on accident. He also frequently talks to me about how best to integrate my plugin in this (which is recommend but NOT required).

Overall, I can really recommend this. Due to staying in Eastern Kingdoms for a long time, it is fairly afkable. I've always found the first few (~15-18) levels a bit rough if I don't buy my toon any gear. But that hasn't been a problem if I do, or use a good class/fightclass for leveling. 

I understand the price might seem a little over the top for many newcomers and especially compared to Arcangelo's products. These two are, however, not comparable at all (Arcangelo's focus in on Horde for sure) and I can assure you that months of work have gone into the making of this profile, justifying (imo) the price of 2 hours of minimum wage work.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Runs incredibly, highly recommended, also considering how much is included it’s good value 

Have done two tests in Elwynn with no issues. Will report back as bot progress out of starting zones

Very active developer, hopefully 40-60 comes soon, as the big important finale!

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Domo! ran this bot for testing.  as i came close to step 6 and further... i came by a possible bug? it seemed like the bot kept on trying to recive quest on step 6. had to manually skip those steps in the profile settings(enable/disable quest/step). at the time the bug appered i disabled the bot and played on my own... but felt the need to keep on trying to fix the issue. so i had to skip tons of steps so that the bot knew where to start based on quests i had in my questlog. 
the bot it self is good! havnt had any issues regarding this after i skiped those steps and the bot is doing all the work now! thombs up!

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